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Another thread on iKC is "what is your EDC?"  You can see hundreds of great looking, often expensive knives in that thread. However I contend that the most consistently carried knife in the world, especially among non-knife nuts,  is one of these, most likely in red:

I even think among knife enthusiasts, the Classic SD (or one its derivatives)  is probably the "forgotten" EDC that is used most often.

I further contend that the 58mm pattern Vics are probably the most collected knife in WORLD.  Perhaps not in the USA but worldwide,  I think even among non-knife nuts, there are people who have  Vic Classics  collections. (It isn't a knife, its a tool kit on your key chain!)

Even people who are afraid of knives, carry Vic Classics!  And for all the Wenger fans out there,  I agree the Esquire has better scissors but it isn't as popular..   My EDC 58mm is a Midnite Manager.  I also keep an Esquire in the backpack.

What's your 58mm  EDC? (or 65mm for Wenger folks)

My Midnite Manager,  It is always there for me!

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Sure it is!!!, I have the little red one and have been with me for many years;  it got a lot more work than any other of my knives!!!

Many, many years ago Forschner told us that the Classic is the top SAK seller. SMKW (Kevin Pipes) told us that too.

Yo, Tobias — you really hit it on the head!

   I carry the little black Victorinox on my keychain; most-used tool is the toothpick. When the guys and I are roamin' around looking for the best BBQ we occasionally have to gnaw the tough stuff off a rib bone longer than the platter (Texas longhorns are not really endangered!). If I know it's BBQ I'll take a thin fully-serrated melon knife, now sold by the Chinese at a very fair price. That way I can praise my host for the tenderness of their meat without racking up a pile of little broken plastic lunch knives.

   You guys who know me understand I carry a full compliment of hardware for assorted purposes, as one might here in the New World.

carry a mini champ every day-handiest tool in my bag-find the screwdriver and scissors used the most-love it so much I have a brand spanking new one sitting on the dash of the car just waiting to be used but struggling to wear the old one out

do you think the SAK may be the most confiscated tool/knife in airports, I came accross some guys selling batches of them on ebay one time and I seem to remember that was where they were sourced

Everyone needs a 58mm SAK.

Tobias- found my tinker in a collectors tin on an Ebay auction and had to have it, and got it for peanuts , wasn't any more than $15.00.

WOT about this one for an every day carry !!!- LOL


There have to be literally millions of classics out there. I personally carry either an eight-blade Minichamp, a Wenger Pocket Tool Chest, or a Leatherman Micra most days.
Smaller is better, sometimes.
Non intimidating, inexpensive, easy to find, sharp little blade, known brand, all make for a very popular knife

Same here, I always have some kind of 58mm Victorinox with me. I really like the Signature models so I can have an ink pen without carrying a full sized pen. I wear those pocket-less shirts sometimes so it is handy!

I think i have a problem

Problem?  I don't see any problem?  Nothing to see here!  Move along!  (these are very old pictures!) LOL


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