i see there will be a learning curve with new browser.  i can post pics however at least in desktop mode. 

ill also try in mobile mode if i can figure put how to switch over to it. 

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Nice job , Tobias.


Posting pics is something I observe almost everyone experience issues with.

i.e. you are not alone !!


Am happy to see you are conquering this issue. As you've noted .. much depends on the browser & platform being used. And apparently .. there exists no consistent method that can be uniformly applied. New browser often dictates new method. As JJ noted .. changing the platform within the browser is often the solution ..but.. not always.


Posting pics is a very important part of the experience here. imo. Members derive personal satisfaction from sharing the gems of their collection ..or.. showing off the latest acquisition ..or.. ............ The rest of us broaden our knowledge base by seeing something new ..or.. something we've been looking for for many years ..or.. something we didn't even know existed ..or.. ...............


My point being .. posting pics & the ease or difficulty thereof is very important.


I'm glad you started this discussion & hope it grows to encompass other browsers & platforms & OS & hardware (phones vs desktops vs pads vs laptops vs ...) such that something akin to a database which can be used as a reference for others is generated.


!! . Thank you, Tobias . !!



D ale

Not a big fan of the mobile view...I guess that there's something comforting in visiting and seeing the entire page.

That being said, I'm sure that there's just as many that prefer the mobile view.

Here's a screenshot, from Puffin settings, that shows the mobil/desktop button.  Granted, it's from the Android version, but you should find something similar.

WOW!  Thank you both for posting here.  I am glad the puffin actually adds the pic ability on an iphone.  I have borrowed a couple of products to check out how this effects us.  I would prefer our provider would offer us a responsive site but alas I dont see that coming in the near future anyway.

OK it is time to revisit this.  It seems puffin is not longer supported on iphones.  But a product called G-Whizz! seems to be the next one to step it up.

Anyone have experience with it or any other product that merges iphone to iKC to make it more mobile friendly?

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