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Queen Cutlery Co. is excited to announce its first ever pattern exclusive project.  Terry Ray, of TC Collectible Cutlery, introduces the TC Knife Shop Sway Back Jack. There was a lot of thought and discussion put into the decision of what pattern to use. We wanted to focus on a pattern that could be the perfect every day carry.  With the straight edge of the Wharncliffe blade we knew this exclusive pattern would appeal to the E.D.C. user and the collector in all of us.


The TC Knife Shop Sway Back Jack measures 4 1/8” closed.  The initial run of 50 each will be offered with handles of American Walnut, Bone Stag, and Feathered Buffalo Horn. The Wharncliffe blade will be D2 polished steel with a Crescent Nail Pull along with featuring a Flat Grind. Finally, it is fitted with Nickel Silver Bolsters, Brass Liners & Pins.


Be sure to go to tcknifeshop.com to watch the build and be ready to order!


Congrats Terry, save me a B Horn!!

If its the amber stag bone, I'm going after it...

I can't wait to see it Terry. I hope I am able to get one.

It should be a winner !

Thanks !!! We were really excited about this project.
The Daniels family had been great and I could have never done this without their help,
You can pre order at tcknifeshop.com

I understand we will be seeing pics of this exclusive TC pattern and the knife will be with Terry for shipping within a week :)

holy smackaroni that's nice

I was waiting to see what they were going to look like, to decide which one I REALLY want. I have settled on the Bone Stag. Queen sure knows how to make that Bone Stag look nice!


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