I was looking for a fixed blade type knife of good quality and wondered if any had any comments on Randal knives. They are expensive but are they worth the price is the big question?


I love the Great Eastern I have and was in the market but didn't see many I like from that maker in the fixed blade type. I am sure I can find cheaper but was still interested in hearing comments from first hand users of this make.



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And yes....good ol Cal shitty,..It's a small world indeed. Right now the wind is blowing like H.
Allot of good web sites. I don't care much for the tactical stuff and prefer more traditional knives.
Call them and order there $2.00 catalogue it will have all the info you need .There models ,steel opitions and a little history . There like an investment . They don't lose money as some of the other knives out there. Also you can't go wrong with a Tree man  neither is cheap . You  will get what you pay for and then some .

Donald Rourke said:
Well I sent Randall e mail again. I hope it doesn't take five years for a reply..lol
Thank you:)


I am curious.  I know you said you recently purchased a GEC and are happy with the product.  I also understood you looked at the fixed blades but weren't thrilled with the handles or the blade type.  I am assuming you were looking at the 2011 production photos listed under the heading new releases.  Did you see the H73110?  What Randall model fits the bill for you?  I asked about the GEC because they did make some earlier fixed blades and I have been seeing them come back on the market recently.  If you could tell me what Randall your looking at I could tell you if those were comparable.  Randall is a great knife, I myself am too impatient to wait 5 years 

Thank you,


I will talk more in deoth later not much time now. 5 years is a bit much for me I will take a second look at GEC. I did see one I liked but have to find it again and not sure of the model number. I am looking though for a nice 4-41/2 inch blade.

Firstly, let me state right off that I’m a registered collector of Randall Made Knives and at the end of this month I’ll have twenty two…That said I don’t consider that they are the BEST knifemaker out there—they’re damn good at making working knives but there are better, not many but there are…Another maker I collect is Bob Dozier whose prices are for the most part a $100 less for a “similar” knife.

At present my database of custom makers is 3,200+, production and semi custom makers 220+ and specialty/regional blades like Kukhri, machete is 30—there are a lot of makers out there wanting your custom.

While it is correct that there is a four plus year wait for a custom built to your specs knife (limited to two at a time) you can get a stock knife from a number of dealers for a bit more money…The catalogue lists:

Model #8 “Trout and Bird” with 4" blade of 3/16" stock with the top cutting edge sharpened approximately 2 inches. 4 3/8"-5/8" genuine imported stag handle. $340

Any of their other knives would suffice and do as good a job such as:
The Model Model 7 "Fisherman - Hunter" with a 4 1/2" and 5" blades of 3/16" stock and a 4 1/4"-5/8" leather handle. $335.

Model 4-4 1/2" with a 4 1/2" blade of 3/16" stock and a 4 1/4-5/8" leather handle. $335.

Model 5 "Small Camp and Trail Knife" with a 4" blade of 3/16" stock and a 4 3/8-5/8" genuine imported stag handle. $340 (Great knife)

Model 26 "Pathfinder" with a 4" drop point blade of 3/16" stock and an approx. 4 3/8" stag handle $340 (Another Great knife)

Model 21 "Little Game" with a 3 1/4" blade, of 3/4" wide, of 3/16" stock and a 4"-4 1/4" genuine imported stag handle $340 (Super knife)

Model #28-4 1/2" “Woodsman”
with a 4 1/2" blade of 3/16" stainless steel stock. Drop point hunter blade. Full tang handle construction. 4 1/4" handle length. Single brass hilt. Green micarta handle material (black available). Border patrol shape $395 (One of my all time favourite knives)

All would be able to do the same thing so you have more then one option.

The renowned dealer A.G. Russell
has on hand a Model 28 “Woodsman” for $525, a Model # 21 “Little Game - Ironwood” $495, a Model # 21 “Little Game - Stag” $475, a Model #8 “Trout and Bird” in O1 or SS for $490 and a Model 5 "Small Camp and Trail Knife" $485 available for next day service delivery or you could try their used knife section called
The Cutting Edge http://www.cuttingedge.com/
or any of the other dealers for available knives.

I posted a list of other dealers at the Randall Knife Club.

Oh, and FYI their warranty is simple—One of the three “R”s (Repair, replace, refund) it will be completed to your satisfaction, period!

As to Busse, sure he makes a lovely knife in INFI steel B U T you just have to want what he made for that year as they don’t take custom orders for different knives—They make one model and push that for a year or so and then introduce another model for the following year….They may at times have more then the one model listed bit it’s still their design that you may change the colour and material of the handle or the blade colour, but that’s it! Their (The Busse Group) website shows various models, shapes and sizes of past knives that will probably never be duplicated again…This year it’s a 6.25” Boss Jack for $267 (Limited Edition $397) and no sheath (Extra $70 to $150) …Scrapyard is offering the SYKCO 511 5.5” battle knife or the Scrapivore 2.75” skeleton neck knife…Swamp Rat has the 15.25” Rodent Rucki or the approx. 6” RatManDu(RMD) combat and the 3.5” Rodent Solution necker…The last two companies do not use INFI but SR101 and all do not include a sheath.

I’ve sent E-mails to makers and have heard back from just about all within one day of sending—taking into account times zones and working hours plus work load, I consider that excellent response times…Randall was one.

As stated, there are lots of other makers out there in that price range and while four years is a lot those that offer a two week turnaround musn’t be busy for a reason? Is it renown or quality (lack of?) that’s suffering? I’d suggest seeing at least a couple dozen of his other client’s knives made to date before doing anything and request other clients for references…Of course, seeing the knives and knifemaker in person is a lot better there isn’t always a nearby maker or a convenient knife/gun show so we’re having to use the Internet, alas..
Treeman and M.L. Knives while both being excellent forge(ry)(s) knifemakers, they cater, primarily to a different crowd then what Randall does—They’re going for the “Primitive” (forged from a file look) for the likes of re-enactors at Rendezvous or a historic battle sites with groups like AMM, SASS/CAS or The BAR or Napoleonic Societies.
M.L. Knives states so right on his sight.
“The finest Custom hand forged hand crafted knives for the Hunter, Fisherman, Re-enactment of early America, General Outdoors person, woodsman all around kitchen use, Buck skinner, Cowboy, Mountain man.. And all good folk!”

and you can see it in the finished pieces of the influence that of William Scagle has on Jim Behring’s Treeman Knives.

You could also try Ruana Knives


especially their S/H - Steelhead Knife Blade: 3 1⁄2”, 1/8” stock. Handle: 4 1⁄2”. $240 and is a beautiful little knife…I’ve used a few of them and while not the greatest fillet knife you can do it and I’ve also used it as a caper on caribou and to skin out a beaver…Great Little knife!

I’ve also used their 5 AD-Drop Point Sticker—Blade: 4”, 1/8” stock. Handle: 4 1⁄2”.$280 and it’s a brute of a knife but handles so nicely.

We’ve had a few others of theirs up to the lodge—10B, 6BD, 95MP, 95AD (just a larger 5AD version) and I think a 27AC and I’ve handled a few of their Bowies at various events over the years 29A, 30A and the fabulous 35B, their standard 9½” Bowie…Really, really good maker of very tough knives.

For some really nice, custom work—the 2¾” Model #V-7 Trout & Bird from Rob Charlton of Damascus USA is very hard to beat especially when it sells for about $175.00 w/Buffalo Horm/Micarta scales or now with Paracord…Small, light, strong back and with a very precise blade.


Also check out his two Capstick models V-6 & V-12, the two versions of W.F. Moran V-10s, the V-2 Hunter/Camper and beautiful V-80 Whitetail (designed by one of the top female cutlers, Carol Gurganus.), the so well thought out V-62 Gen Yeager and V-9 “JRS”, and the V-3 Teensy which I’ve never handled but told was excellent for squirrels…I love the V-85 “Chute”

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