I think that this is the correct place to post this.  If not please let me know and I will try to delete/move it.

Several years ago, I received a knife that had belonged to my great uncle.  No one seemed to know much of him, and less of the knife.  I thought it was a neat old knife that my great uncle had own, so I was quite happy with it.  I put it safely away and it was only recently that as I was looking for something else, that I came across the box containing this knife.

At this point, perhaps due to some of the other projects I am working on, involving WWI and WWII items, My interest was piqued significantly.  My research had not yielded the results that I had been hoping to find.

The knife has a 4.75" long blade.  Shallow clipped edge and a fuller.  It is stamped on one side with a straight line Remington and the DuPont oval.  The other side is devoid of all stamped marking.

I would have expected to see an RH number, but it is blank.  I do not believe that it has been buffed, sanded or otherwise removed.  The material finish looks original.

The overall length is approx. 9.13",

The handle is a black hard rubber that bears the REMINGTON UMC markings.  On each end of the Rubber section there are TWO dark reddish spacers separated by thin silver metal spacers.

What I have found in my searching is numerous knives that have a similar style blade, but the handle was made of leather discs, and there are several colored spacers on each end of the handle.

The other type of knife has a rubber handle similar to mine, but NO spacers at all.

Because this has the Remington DuPont stamp, I believe that this was made after eEmington sold the cutlery business to DuPont after the Great Depression, yet before DuPont closed their cutlery business in 1940.  So I am looking at roughly a 10 year span.

Can anyone help me identify this knife and perhaps narrow down the year of manufacture?

I will try to add photos in followup posts, sine as I was trying to add these before, I had to have messed something up and I lost the entire post.

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Lets try to post a couple of photos...

Thank you for any information you can share with me!

Have you seen THIS info yet, Kevin?

No, I had not seen either of those. 

Thank you for letting me know about that link, Steve.  I think it will take some time to go through that first link, as it is pretty lengthy.

As for the iKC group.  I just joined that group.  :)

I am having a bit of trouble trying to find a particular group that I saw mentioned in another comment though.  Any suggestions on how to find it?  When I went to the 'groups' tab, and then entered part of the name in the search field, all I got were comments.  But I did not see a group link.

HA!!!  I found it!  :)  Just took a bit of going through the list of groups is all.  

Hey guys!

I believe that I was provided the answer to the identity of the knife!

Rocky gave me this:

The information shared is from “Identification Guide To Remington Sheath Knives 1925-1940” by: D.Y. Grimm
Page 25

You have an “original” RH-44 introduced in 1938 and production ended in 1938
Offering was during the DuPont era from 1933-1940
The overall length should be 9 3/8” with the blade length at 5” steel, same blade as on the RH-34
The handle material is engraved hard black rubber with nickel silver discs and colored fiber spacers
The half guard is of nickel silver
It has an aluminum butt cap with countersunk brass nut
No etching and most will not have the RH number stamped on them
Reportedly this is a very scarce knife due to the limited production offerings. Yours seems to have a near full blade and appears in great shape based on your photo
It did come with a sheath and it appears you have the correct sheath. Great looking set! Cherish it... it a beautiful knife from your great uncle!!
Hope this helps!


Just wanted to share this information, since I was at such a loss at identifying that knife and I thought you would also be interested.

Pictures would help.

Good Evening Gus.

Please see the pics in the second post of this thread.  I included a close up photo of the stamp and an overall photo of the knife with it's sheath.

Thank you for your interest

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