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Hello and thank you for adding me to your group. I love Case knives. In particular, Case knives with “half stops”. Just something about a knife, any knife, with a traditional half stop that I like. 

That said, I have some Swiss Army Knives I want to sell so I can obtain some more traditional. I don’t mean Sell “here”, I do all my selling on EBay. But, I’ve got a problem. I have a Wenger Nomad that I don’t know how to price. It’s no where on the internet for sale so it must be pretty rare. 

Could someone here possibly know about this knife or it’s value so I could price it ?  I have been to several SAK sites and no one knows. 

Thank you


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As you can tell, I’m new to the site and green as a gourd. LOL. I added a picture of the knife but it did not show up. I’m sure it’s something I did or didn’t do.

You did fine, Tom.

I've seen the same question over on Facebook, yesterday, in one if the SAK groups, but I don't have an estimate of value.

Hopefully, there's someone that can help you to value your nomad.

Thanks J.J. Yes, I posted it in another group I’m in, Cellidor SAKs. It’s just very weird to me that a Wenger Nomad and it’s value is no where to be found.
Usually, that means one of 2 things. 1. It’s rare and carries a decent price or 2. It’s not worth a plug nickel. LOL.
I love the knife, if I find out it’s not worth anything I will keep it. For an older Wenger, it’s pretty amazing it has an in-line Phillips driver as one of its tools. That impressed me. I was curious about the value because I can’t find anyone that knows much about them or has one or what they are worth.

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