I have a few hundred knives I'm planning on selling. I'm don't have room to display or store them.

I'm saving to buy a house so I can use the money anyway, and am only going to keep what I use, or plan on using.

I know it's easier to sell in sets, not a lot of packaging and trips to the post office, but I also know a lot of people don't have cash to buy sets in the hundreds of dollars, so a set might not bring what selling separate might bring.

These are Schrade and Camillus knives, they never were high dollar knives, just hard working ones., but now some are really hard to find since both companies went under.

So any thoughts on selling in sets or separate?


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Well Ron, I have never bought a set of knives, I know there are people that do and thats fine but if you want the most the knives will bring I think selling them one at a time should get you the most  money.


We also prefer to but in singles.  With us it is more that we are pattern buyers and most sets are grouped as Maker or handle materials.

That's what I was thinking.. tho didn't think about pattern buying. Thanks for the thoughts.

I'm a pattern buyer too, but often buy other knives I like. How were you planning on selling them? They sell knives on this site and there's always Ebay.

Haven't given much thought where to sell them, I've always bought and sold on Ebay, but with their fees now you lose about 10% of your selling price.

If I knew what they would be worth I would just list some here, but with such knives I don't really have a clue at to what some are worth.  Like a Camillus throwing knife that I have only saw 3 of in my life, including online.

A online search doesn't bring up anything on them. 

And others that you use to see once in a while, but don't anymore.

How about dinner wear.. I have a gold plated set of Schrade spoons knives and forks... used but in very good shape. 

I guess a lot of what I have would just have to go for what someone wants to pay, and I wouldn't know if it was a good price or not.  But when selling at auction, it's a roll of the dice unless people get in a bidding war.

I should have kept records on what I bought,,, but I'm not good at such stuff.....

There are some Dealers that buy entire collections. You would not recieve full retail value for your knives,but you would be able to sell all at once,recieve payment in full,and be done. No EBay fees,no shipping Costs,no waiting for each individual payment.

Yes Ron, a reputable dealer can help you alot in finding out what you have and what they may be worth, thats their buisiness.

Maybe that's an option for me. Will think it over amd go from there.

Thanks guys...

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