As a maker I am always interested in finding a better way to do something that will make it a little easier to make the components that go into a knife: Blade, guard, ferrule, pommel, handle, fit and finish, hand sanding, grinding, file work etc. I have made several tools in order to make the process a little easier. Since  this is a maker group, I'm sure there are many who have methods and tips that would be benificial to all. Please feel free to share them with the group. I will try to post some tips in the days ahead. J. R.

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Hand sanding has always been the least desirable task involved to finishing a blade for me. I have made this chore a little easier for me by making a tool that I can use both hands while keeping pressure on the abrasive and keeping flat on the blade. I took a twelve inch mill file and attached handles to both ends. This allows me to keep even pressure all the way across the blade and offers a hard flat surface to work against those grind lines. I start with 120 grit, 320, 400 and then go to a leather backed block with 600 grit for the final finish. A popcycle stick works well in the plunge area to get those little stuburn lines out up close to the ricaso.
Blade sanding tool

When making a hidden tang knife, many times one has to remove material from the inside of a knife handle. I have labored doing this for years . I've made a tool that has helped me speed up the process. It really works great and one can remove alot of material quickly. It works well on stag tapers and also wood handles. I bought a couple of reciprecating saw blades and ground the backs down to make them a little smaller. I then took a nut driver and brazed the blades down in the socket side by side. I super glued the blades together on their sides. If you are not careful you will remove too much material out of the inside of your handle. They cut quick and really work better than anything I've ever tried to use.
Brooching Tool

Thanks for the tips J.R.!

I use a Roto Zip to make the slot in hidden tang material, it works pretty good.................and it's fast!

Your saw blade tool will come in handy for those deep slots.

Gary Music
Gary, I'm not sure what you are calling a roto zip. Could you clarify? J. R.
Glad you weren't holding your breath for this reply J.R.!

It's like a dremel tool but you make plunge cuts/slots with it's unique bits.
Hi, J.R. I've found router bits for my Dremel tool that may work almost as well as a Roto-Zip tool. I haven't used them for that purpose yet, though, and don't know if they're stiff enough.
I use some drill bits that have been designed to cut sheet rock and other types of wood and formica. They have a cutting edge on their flutes. I get them at Harbor Freight and they work well
Has anyone ever made grinding jigs? I am attempting to make some for profiling the beveled edge of curved bladed knives? Any tips out there?
Jantz Supply offers a hollow grinding jig that can be adapted to fit a KMG or Bader grinder and possibly some other type grinder. They are not cheap and require an 8 inch wheel. There is an elevator attachment also that can be used with the jig to control the width of the grind. hope this helps. J.R.
Hi J.R....what fantastic tips!! thanks so much. I'm gonna try the sawzall blade tip and see how it works for me..thanks again!



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