Everyone has their favorite knives, but I've read about guys LOVING these things to death!

I've owned just about every type knife, but I've never had one of these. But, that will change!

They are sooo sleek, trim and graceful!

Do you have any? How do you like them? 

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I do believe you are correct, sir. That brown Deleon and the yellow smooth and they have a smooth black. That I have on an 087 I believe it is. All very nice. The 087 is a little Jack knife.

They are very graceful sleek things aren't they. Here's a John Howser. photo 83293fc2-f6c7-4340-854e-cc97f6fdc37a_zps7090ce63.jpg

Wow, that's a nice one Mark!

Mark, that sure steps the game up, man o man thats a nice one!

Thanks for the nice replies. This is definitely one of my favorite knives, I could admire that blade all day!

Very nice Craig, I was on the look out for either the Brown Delrin or the a smooth yellow. But then I get distracted with all the bone variations. Glad to see you made a choice and stuck with it.

Craig Henry said:

I got my first Slimline!! Yeah, it's just a plain old everyday delrin handled one, but I like it! Now I need to get one (or two) in bone handles!

Yeah I made a choice and stuck with it Brad.....now I want bone! LOL! It's nice for a basic delrin handle though.

I just scored this Schrade USA 194 OT on eBay w/ an aftermarket leather sheath. Delivery anticipation is welling up inside. She qualifies as a slimline, right? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Some people call those a "Slimline" Brad. It's kind of a tweenie. LOL!

Judging from the dimensions given in the descriptions of other "Slimline" knives, this is right on, although it may be a little chunky in the butt. "Baby got Back"

I would call it a Slimline and it has a liner lock which is a plus!

I have a good old redbone CASE XX in one and two blade models! Like the one blade version much better, less bulky and lightweight. Also got the school bus yellow Queen steel farmers knife or slim jack. Funny how this model replaced the elephant toenail and big folding coke bottle as the farmers knife of choice, I guess they tired of having the big sunfish wearing a hole in their bib overalls , and falling in their boots! 


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