All my life I grew up with hunting with something that went "BANG", So it was no surprise when my brother wanted to go archery hunting and we soon realized it was a lot harder than it looked.

We woke up to a rather chilly fall morning, after putting on all the camo we had in the house we headed for the door. Those cold steel bars on that latter didn't feel very comforting to hands that wanted nothing but to be in bed. But, we made the climb and were soon strapped in. I think we were out a little too early because by the time I started to get bored, it was still dark. But, the time passed and it would only be another 15 minutes till light, thats when things got interesting. 

"Crunch, Crunch"!! I looked at Ethan and he slowly rose from his seat. "Crunch, Crunch". He nocked an arrow and kept eyes on the path in front. The rustling in the woods started to get closer and we knew it could only be one thing..... a rascally rabbit. With all that excitement over we sat there and enjoyed watching the morning blossom into a day, but the whole time the rabbits and squirrels wouldn't leave us a lone. 

Without seeing any sign of a good morning for deer, we packed it in and decided to visit our Grandfather before coming home. After telling him about the mornings excitement he told us to get some orange and grab some guns from his safe. It sounded like an excellent plan to us. Looking through the library of guns that called my Grandfather's safe home, we each made our choices. Ethan decided on a Stevens over and under 22/410. combo. I kinda questioned the decision, but I didn't have to use it. We started the hunt off by going through the bunny patch and of course no bunnies. Then we headed for the squirrel woods. After spending a few minutes at the base of our favorite tree, we had taken a couple of squirrels for the game pouch. As we headed back towards the bunny patch we heard the distinct noise of a rooster Pheasant. So, Ethan switched to the 410. barrel and we moved on. 

It was right in the thick of it and we could get a shot, so the only way was to flush it out. I crawled into the thicket and made my way towards the colorful bird. I must have been pretty quiet because it didn't know that I was right behind it. I could have reached in and grabbed it. I made my presence known and he flushed perfectly, but just because the bird does it right doesn't mean the shooter will too. I heard the little 410. roar and I stood to watch that beautiful bird fly gracefully away. Of course, being brothers I had to give Ethan a hard time about missing. 

We started through the hollow and headed for home. Ethan stopped and pointed to a branch 40 yards away on it, a grey squirrel sat in the morning sun. Ethan Readied himself for a shot. I started laughing at the idea of an off hand shot, with iron sites, at a target 40 yards away. Ethan clicked the safety off and the 22. rifle spoke. That squirrel fell right off the branch and onto the ground. Ethan had made a perfect headshot  and saved a lot of meat. 

If you have a good small game story..... lets hear it!!!!! 

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Great story, Johnny. I haven't been hunting in 20 years

Billy, If you take those grand childern hunting or fishing they will remember it a life time. Even a camping trip. I have been taking my two grand daughters camping in a tent every year since they were small. What an adventure it has been over the years, we have been fishing, boating, learning outdoor skills, shooting firearms and cooking on an open fire, just to name a few. I think if you get out there, even a little bit, you will really enjoy the adventure.


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