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A place to show pictures of your SMKW house brands and SFOs  Let's break 'em out boys and girls.  Doesn't matter if it is a high-end Colonel Coon, a Turtle Man, Ole Smoky, Colt, Rough Rider, etc.  Show 'em here!  I'll start with a couple SMKW Marbles!

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OK Tobias, here are a couple of my Rough Riders.

First a Big Daddy Barlow RR1037

Next, an amber jigged bone swing guard lockback RR1327

A Robt Klaas Ram's Horn Trapper from SMKW

I like that ram's horn trapper.  The Rough Riders are nice too.

Nice Marbles' Cattle and toothpick!!!

A great start! Let me see if today I can get a pic of one of my favorites from the Colt Line!

Here is  my Peacock Appaloosa (blue/green smooth bone)  #61048-2SSM Slim Sepentine Jack-2000 exclusive for SMKW- Limited Production Run-

Very nice John

That is just a great knife John, that color is outstanding. They really hit the nail on "peacock"!!!

Ken Spielvogel said:

Very nice John

Thanks Ken, I made  a trip to Mecca (SMKW) back in 2000 when I lived in Florida. You can't spend two days at SMKW without leaving with as many knives as  your pocketbook can afford. Kind of funny, too, the regular Case salesman was on vacation, and the salesman I had was not versed in Case knives. I ended up advising other customers on Case dates and picked up some vintage knifes in the process-Even gave the ssalesman a spare guide to Case tang stamps of mine I had printed onto index cards !!

hmmm Ive got a Case TB6339 Sow Kevin Pipes signiture knife 

Well that sure fits Terry,

Terry Ray said:

hmmm Ive got a Case TB6339 Sow Kevin Pipes signiture knife 

Here is a Bear and Son Cherry Smooth Bone toothpick that was made for SMKW new showroom.  1 of 100.  this one is number 55.


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