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Hopefully some of you have heard of Creek Stewart.  For those that haven't, Creek Stewart is a survival instructor, TV survival personality, & total outdoor & survivalist gearhead, probably best known for his blonde ponytail & Eagle Scout ways.  He's also the owner of outdoors & survivalist store Willow Haven Outdoor, & he's the one that came up with the now well-known monthly survival gear subscription box named Apocabox.  

Creek's been on several different survival shows as a guest expert before he hosted his own show on The Weather Channel, called Fat Guys In The Woods.  He's currently hosting the show "SOS:  How to Survive," which is going into it's second season (also on The Weather Channel).  I was a huge fan of FGITW because the mission was to get older, out of shape guys out into the woods, & Creek did this with strong guidance & a big load of compassion.

As all survival guys, he loves knives -- so much so that he has begin to design his own line of knives, named Whiskey Knives.  On June 20, I received a marketing email from Creek Stewart with some announcements -- the filming of his new show, a new video, and the announcement of a new knife, the CS Slayback, the kind of thing you might expect in such a mass distribution marketing email (with more of interest & more to offer than most marketing emails, in my opinion).

It was a slow morning at work, so I decided to check out the new knife (  http://www.creekstewart.com/cs-slayback/cs-slayback ).  So there it was, a hunting style fixed blade with a 4.5" blade.  Being more in the mood for slicers lately (versus sharpened crowbars), I figured the thickness would be what would make or break the knife for me.  There it was, the thickness was listed at 5/8". 

Buhh-whuh...?!?!?  5/8"?!?  No way.

So I contacted the company through the website, there had to be a mistake.  And I said so.  For some reason, it just seemed like 3/16" was more accurate (the photos accompanying the knife ad weren't helpful).  There was no way a 4 1/2" blade would be 5/8", that would just be absurd.

Within a half an hour, there was an email in my inbox, thanking me for catching that blade thickness error.  The knife was in fact 3/16" thick, and definitely not 5/8" thick.  Whew.  But the really cool thing:  that email was from Creek Stewart himself.  (!)  He thanked me, so of course I thanked him for Fat Guys in the Woods, & he expressed his appreciation there was well.  This was just a cool thing all around.

And with all that Creek Stewart is up to, he's still very hands-on when it comes to his business, right down to the occasional customer interaction.  And just goes to show that the knife world can still be very small, in a good way. 

And if there was any question, the listing for the CS Slayback has been updated to the correct thickness of 3/16".


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Fantastic chain of events going on there!  He has always seemed very much hands on to me when he does a show.  If he expects the guys to eat bugs he shows them how by doing it.

Thanks for saving a lot of questions from knife buyers and some that just wouldn't even have bought because of the mislabeled first knife

Cool story and a great guy, from what I have heard. I passed up a chance to meet Creek a couple of months ago, because of some things that came up. I hope I get another chance. I am sure I could learn a lot from him. 

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