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so is it safe to buy a pocket bushman yet??? i know that locking problem and i know on there site it says they fixed it, but on youtube 2 people have goten the defective one... so whats the deal?

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I'd say it's safe to get since they redesigned it, but given the problems with returns by those two not so sure.

I would say go for it if you can absolutely guarantee that you will get the new design.

although the knife doesn't have much appeal to me.
im not buying for looks this time...lol its basically a mini pocket bushman(no really lol)/ka-bar... functionality and durability for this one...
well, there is beauty in functionality.
true... hay may be thats why i love my ka-bars so much....lol
I'm broke at this times so ya i cant get it any way... but i did get myself a sog flash II spring assisted knife for like $50 that MIGHT be federally baned if that stupid law passes, it better not or I'm moving to friggin Canada (right next door from me in Maine)... I'm really hating the government for every thing right now... they've butched America, they've for got what we stand for and the bill of rights... maybe i should take this to the political section of the forums, if it has such a thing....

Had mine for over a month now. Practically handle, manipulate, and do knife drills daily with no problems. Just picked up a another one last week. Intend to buy more...I feel it's a no nonsense, inexpensive, heavy-duty folder and would come in handy in any given scenario...
always great geting videos from you there great... and again im broke so id dont think il be geting one soon, cuz i got no job still... so ya... its on my to buy list along with 20 others...(il probly buy this one 1st tho)

p.s. wile whatching your 6 be sure you look at your 12 to see were your going... lol you could end up in mexico or a ditch whitch ever one your probly going to have a bad day...lol
I bought one awhile back, and after the two "failure videos", I dis-assembled mine and found the defective ram and the spring beginning to kink. I returned it to C.S., and they sent me a replacement. The replacement is a NEW knife....I immediately dis-assembled it, and found the ram to be the new style, so it should be o.k. I watched a video "torture test" on Youtube by, I think.....knifetests....They put it through hell; batonning, spine whacks, weight suspensions, etc. I'm convinced it's a strong design, that will prove itself in time. I did improve it by adding "grip tape" to the handle spine, because the all-steel construction is a little slippery, especially when wet.
i saw that too.... i thought batonning was like useing your knife like an ax, you know some thing you would do with a ka-bar or something...
lol! If I end up in Mexico they won't let me back across the border...lol!

What! you say you're an American...no way boy...uh?@%*! sorry sir, just take it easy with that Glock. You may pass...lol!
in need a glock before i can take it easy wid one...lol
Ive got one ive carried as an EDC for about 8 months now,it still seems to be holding out fine.


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