Well today we did just that, even though a lot of time was spent in the vehicle we enjoyed each other's company. We were in Erie Pa today, it's always been a place my family wanted to call home, but I guess we just never got around to it. The fishing is what brought us up here, but it's everything else that keeps us coming back. There is something about standing next to that large body of aqua, and knowing your in good company. Sites like this, make this Country a unique and beautiful place to be. 

There is a lot to do up there, fishing, swimming, boating, water parks, amusement parks, a lot of bike paths that you can take advantage of. Too many things to name, but it makes for a great vacation destination.

One of the things we always do is stop by a Wegman's grocery store, they have  gourmet, and healthy food options to choose from. When your surrounded by fast food, it's nice to slow down and actually make a good choice in what to indulge in. It also was a great opportunity to test the #72 Elk.

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Then from Erie Pa we headed to Tionesta, our bear hunting country. Now this place is truly steeped in family tradition for me. Many seasons have been experienced in this place and as long as it's there, we will always return. On the way, we have to pass through a little town of Titusville, and we all know what they mean to the knife world. We stopped by the factory just to have a look around, so I snapped some pics.

After the little detour in Titusville we finished the last leg of the journey and got to camp. It didn't take long to get everything set up, so we were back on the road in no time. Theres an old bridge that has been in use for years, until recently that is. After all the rain and snow melt we got, everything flooded, and the bridge was lifted up. When the waters receded and the bridge lowered it missed its perfect landing, something broke and now it's all blocked out. But, you can still walk out onto it and enjoy the great view it gives.

Back at camp we relaxed a little, but then we got that moving bug. We headed for home, and I know that doesn't make any sense for a vacation, but it was more of a test to see if we could do a day trip like that and still enjoy it. I can say without a doubt, we all did. When the radio is off and the darkness begins to fall and with the silence of just you on the road, another day comes to a close. It's amazing to me, the enjoyment that can be experienced in a simple conversation, it brings a bond I think. 


So I challenge you to take a little trip, just get in the car and go, It doesn't really matter where, just be sure that your in good company of  friends when you leave. Be safe out there and try to find the real beauty in everything, when you do, you'll make memories that will last forever. 

Johnny, great pictures and story.

Thanks Robert, I really enjoyed this trip, so I was more than happy to share.

Here's a pic of the duo I had with me this time around.


I cant wait, now I am more excited than ever that we are Staying in Erie later this month.  and I will be visiting Wegmans grocery.  Thanks for that heads up.  Sound like a wonderful trip and great advise.  Lets all take a road trip!!

Jan, I hope you guys have a safe trip. I know you'll have a wonderful time.... your meeting me. :)

No, besides from all the  fun we'll have at GEC, PA is a great place to enjoy. I'm always here, so I have ample opportunity to experience it. I hope that you guys do have fun, I hate bad trips... for anyone.

Very colorful picture on bottom.Looks like knife art-hehehe.
the plate of food is very colorful.great pics.i just got back from 20 day road trip with my trucker friend up n down the West Coast.WA,OR,and CA mostly.I love seeing all the different sights along the travels and my friend is an awesome person.I got him interested more into swords and blades when we first met each other and now always has a knife or three on him!


That must have been a beautiful road trip.  From Northen California up through WA and OR in the spring and early summer the scenery can be breath taking.  Were you able to stop some or was the time table too heavy

JL, thats a road trip and a half.

Sounds like a great trip in good company, and definitely some beautiful country side to see on that trip. I would love to make a long trip like that, we've been on a few, but we didn't see as beautiful sites as these. But, I believe there is a beautiful side to every state, you just got to keep looking sometimes.


I have been privledged to drive across this great county several times and reside in many states.  You are certainly correct that each has a glory of its own.  It is a goal of mine to see every state before my time comes.  Last years trip to Titusville took us through the WV mountains and into PA, Both places I had previously never visted.  On the list I have never seen, Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine, NH and RI.  So that leaves me at least 9 new adventures


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