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Buck has been making these knives for almost 50 years. Its an incredible run for a knife and a credit to the company to stay the course through all the years.

It all started in April of 1963 when the Buck Board of Directors approved the project for the knife. In August they approved the design and by June 64 they had a production model. By September Dealers were selling them and 296 were sold that first year.

The purpose of this discussion is to give everyone a chance to post a story about a Buck 110 in their life or in the life of someone they knew. If possible, post a picture of the knife.  Its 50 years of history!

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296 sold the fist year.  I wonder what that looks like after 50 years?  What an amazing accomplishment!

I think I bought my Buck 110 in 1971 while deployed to Viet Nam and serving aboard the U.S.S Enterprise.

The story begins after I was discharged in November of '71. There is a method of opening larger knives with one hand. It's somewhat like snapping your fingers while holding the blade of the knife between your thumb and middle finger. Once opened you depress the lock and press the spine of the blade against your thigh and close the blade. One evening while practicing this particular exercise I managed to have an early onset senior moment and stuck the pointy end of the knife into my leg. It was just a small cut, but it certainly bled a lot.

It is amazing Jan a 50 year ride, not too many can claim that run of popularity.

Thanks Jim for the post, that's a great Buck 110 story. I wonder how many folks had that same experience or at least similar?

Of course they are still making them too!

Here is one my grandfather gave me about three years ago. It's served me well since I got it and I've really enjoyed the history it must have. I forget the date it was made, but it's something like '74, or something of the like.

johnny,  That is a great knife and looks like it could tell many a story. Thanks for sharing your Grandfathers Buck 110 on this year long anniversary.

johnny twoshoes said:

Here is one my grandfather gave me about three years ago. It's served me well since I got it and I've really enjoyed the history it must have. I forget the date it was made, but it's something like '74, or something of the like.

I've only recently bought 2 of these as a pair on Ebay($60). One was exactly like Johnny's, 3 pin handles and single dot on either side of the "110" on the tang. The other is a 4 Pin handle version with the same tang stamp, as you can see that one was a mess.

I polished up the 1st one and gave it to my Bro-n-law. Even though I told him it is a user he put it in his display cabinet anyway. Go figure.

The second one needed extensive re-furb. I drilled out the pivot pin due to the excessive play in the blade(it rocked up and down in the locked position). I re-pinned it with a 5/32" dia. brass rod spun down to .147 dia. to fit the blade bushing. Drilled out the bolsters to accommodate the new pins and set the pins with an 8oz hammer. Afterwards the facelift entailed belt grinding the bolsters to below the engraving and scar depths, used a 3M Metal finishing wheel to remove the coarse graining & on to the buffer. Finished product below.

Now all I need to do is find a sheath I like.

So versatile, I just never thought of the importance of this knife. Many people refinish them, many still use them everyday. Thanks Brad T for some great pics of a knife being given new life!

Well here we are 50 years later....May 2013, The Buck 110 is still bought and sold new and used, and still a popular knife 50 years later!

And amazing still, is the fact that many of the knives made then are still in service or in serviceable condition. As long as I can find them affordable, I will continue to re-furbish them. It is therapy for me, instant gratification.

Lets see if we can get some more Buck 110 Pictures!



THE BUCK 110 is turning 50!!!   ...  tons and tobns of pics! ...and of hunts!..


also when google either buck 110 images  you will find 100s of them that have been redone into AUTOS,exoctic handle materials..ectect.. their is a site that is all about buck autos and how you can have your buck made into one if you would like!  also under GOOGLE SEARCH... almost every type of collecting group or outdoor group has a chapter on at least this knife...

I was on a KAYAK site and searched KNIFE just for the heck of it.. and only the 110 came up with about 50 members commenting about it being the only knife they have ever had and it came from dad or grandad ectect!...


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