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Here it is folks!  The Kifer Cutlery Classics SFO #08.

Kifer Cutlery SFO

Northfield Single Blade 78 American Jack – 782117 – Kifer Cutlery Shield, Tortoise Shell Acrylic Handles, 3” Polished 1095 Carbon Steel Spear Blade, individually numbered to 1 to 100, Nickel Silver Bolsters, Brass Liners, 3 ¾ OAL Closed.

Made in America!

Here are the rules!  Post here..tell me what your favorite GEC is...post a pic if you have one!

Winner will be drawn from all entrants

Contest begins NOW!!  Ends on Saturday Feb 17 at midnight eastern.  That way we can announce on Sun and mail on Mon!

Thank you Gary Kifer of Kifer Cutlery Classic for donating this knife for the first contest in 2018

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Happy to announce this year's first winner, Steven Patterson! Congrats Steven, and thanks to all who entered! Was great seeing all those GEC's! Steven....drop a message to Jan and you guys can sort out the shipping.

Congrats Steven!!!  AND, thanks to Gary and iKC!

Well and there you go DLKG!  Designed by the man that made the Mountain man to begin with, heading up his new company and letting the universe know DLKG is needing this knife!



dead_left_knife_guy said:

I don't mean to be controversial, but I'm not sure I can convey this without the controversy.  Simply stated, & I know there will be many who disagree with me here:  I like squirrels.  I think they're awesome.  They're cute, they're cunning, they're mischievous (to the point of being annoying, I know), and they're so incredibly determined.  And they're everywhere, including in my urban yard, so I can always be reminded of some of the best wildlife we have in this area.  And they helped me through a particularly dark time in my life that occurred not too long ago (but I won't get into that here).  So there, I said it, I like squirrels.  Flame me if you must.

It was during another difficult time, one of many with a specific boss (if I'd only known then how bad it would become, but that's another story I won't get into here).  I decided to just indulge myself in a new knife.  I was fixated on single-blade lock-back hunters at the time (more like Queen's Mountain Man than Buck's 110).  I'd learned of GEC's Missouri Trader (#42), so I thought maybe it would be worth seeking one out with green Micarta, I really wanted a folder with green Micarta at the time, seemed like a perfect combination if I could find it.

But I thought I'd put these eBay searches on the back-burner & instead look for a knife with a squirrel (or even acorn) theme first.  Things were getting frustrating at work & parenting was a bit rough at the time, & we were experiencing a heavy rain, one that might have been easier to appreciate if the sun hadn't already set.  I just wanted a knife with a squirrel on it that I could carry in my pocket while at work or out with the family, something to remind me of these awesome little rodents even when I couldn't see any.  Scrolling through the search results, I saw this -- so of course I bought it, it was simply too serendipitous to pass up, as if the universe was letting me know it was there for me...

Good on you Steven! Congrats!

Congratulations, Steven!  (I'm fortunate in that my GEC #42 Missouri Trader was a win all on its own, & will forever be one of my favorite possessions.)  Have an awesome Saturday, all!

Thank you, Jan!  I suspected there was a connection between the two knives, but didn't realize it was that direct.  With some quick research, I found the names Ken Daniels & Bill Howard as founders of GEC -- which one was the designer of the Mountain Man?  While I'm not in the market for one of these knives, I'm sure I will be again at some point (though if I ever again find the #42 in Indian Paintbrush Bone, I won't pass it up this time).  And I always love knowing more about the knives in my collection!

Jan Carter said:

Well and there you go DLKG!  Designed by the man that made the Mountain man to begin with, heading up his new company and letting the universe know DLKG is needing this knife!

Congratulations Steven!

Congratulations, Steven

Congratulation, Steven, Happy for you.

Congrats Steven!

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