I thought I might add a comment or two concerning the “state” of knife show. There is no doubt that knife shows are decreasing in number and size. Vendors and customers are staying home and selling or buying on internet auctions and websites. It is disappointing to go and observe the “shrinking” show. That has been the case with the Parker Show for several years now. Fewer vendors means fewer varieties and quantities of knives offered for sale, but on occasion one can run across a knife or two that you had no idea you could find on someone’s table. That was the case for me this past weekend at the Parker Show – three vintage Schatt & Morgan’s and three Queen City posted here.

One additional comment: The knife and cutlery education that is available at a show is profound. Opportunities to talk to the Sargents, Cohans, Fishers, Fosters, Voyles, and Zalesky’s and many others with their years of experience and knowledge are not found on the internet. You find them at a show. I am hoping to attend more shows this coming year.

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March 12.  Check the events calendar

Syd Carr said:

Unfortunately, (or fortunately, depends on how you look at it), I live in a small town, surrounded by other small towns in a small county, (big in area, not in population, no large towns or cities), and as far as I can find there is only one show, (a gun show), within 100 miles of here each year, (pretty small show). I attended that show a couple of years back and they had a couple of dealers selling tacticals, but no slip joints or custom knives at all. There are shows in SOCAL & NORCAL, but both are a looong way from here. Since CA is such a big state, and I'm in the middle, both are basically a five or six hour drive away. It's not a "run down the street to the local knife show" kind of thing, and certainly would be a two day trip at best. I tried to get away for Knife Expo 2015 in LA, but couldn't pull it off, and they haven't scheduled a show for 2016 as far as I can find. Basically, I'll attend a show as soon as I can find one, otherwise I'll have to rely on you guys for my knife show news.

Yippee, March 12 in Pasadena, (4 1/2 hr drive on a good day), thanks Jan. Probably will try and do a gonzo turn-around day trip, (to save money on lodging so I can spend on knives). Hopefully BCCI will be there, they were last year, maybe I can fill in a slot or two in my collection, and meet some of the guys I only know online. Thanks again Jan.

Jan Carter said:

March 12.  Check the events calendar

 Well, if you guys are looking for anything specific, maybe post it here. Then we can keep an eye out and maybe find you something?  Just a thought...

Are you in SOCAL? If so I can definitely provide a list, (doesn't mean I could actually buy anything, but I CAN list what I want)..

Bryan W said:

 Well, if you guys are looking for anything specific, maybe post it here. Then we can keep an eye out and maybe find you something?  Just a thought...

Actually, im on the east coast.  Other side of the country.  Send me a friend invite, then we can talk and I can check out what you are looking for.  Why not?  You never know.

I must say the "Gun and Knife" shows in central PA are a far cry from  KNIFE shows.  The entire social context is different - lot of frowns and bumping - macho displays prominent. I like gun shows a good bit - and like knife shows find people to talk to, but not as gracious or informed .(Maybe everybody thinks everybody else might be ATF undercover...NOT LOL).  The knife shows are much more social -and as others here have said, much more willing to share info.  Most significantly, very few collectors show up at gun shows - last weekend, 120 tables at Altoona, one Queen knife (humble 60s delrin that had been used hard) on a table, and here and there low-end imports.  The Outdoor Sportsman gun show in Centre County has two or three tables worth visiting for knives and discussion. 

I started attending knife shows in 2007 - after the bloom was off, but they are still essential to me. Just too few, too far away to sustain a hobby.   The earlier comment on using online resources is what should be emphasized IMO.  We need to work on developing these online discussion and forums, etc to supplant simple sales sites.  You can raise questions here and other sites and you will  often get answers and thoughts -  I am not mourning the past, I would like us to use what is available to us at a higher, harder, level.  Post your stuff ... Thanks

You're correct in your assessment of the social aspect of the knife shows vs the gun shows. Gun shows, round here are much too crowded to be able to check out the few good knives that may be there.
I like the ability to be able to handle a knife, before I buy it though and am hesitant to buy from online sources. This is the principal reason that I prefer to visit shows, when I can.

I would agree, but it does depend in the show.  I attend a large gun and knife show that has enough knife sellers that the selection and conversation is usually quite good.  Dan, youll need to come more east!  The eastern side of PA has some really good knife shows spring and fall. Also, the NY Custom knife show is one I highly recommend and worth the trip. Check out the photos I posted a while back.

In any case, you cant beat the face to face time and experience of a knife show!

I'm in the same boat as Syd. Just small gun shows around where I live once or twice a year. The biggest show each year is about 3 1/2 hrs away at the Wannamacher show in Tulsa. It makes it hard for me to find time on a weekend to go, but I hear it is a really big show. Oklahoma City has a gun show about every other month, but I don't think there are a lot of knife vendors there, even though I have never been. That one is 1 1/2 hrs away which woUld not be too bad.

Hmmm, maybe we could use a thread where those of us suffering from knife show envy can list what we are looking for so those that can go can scout for us? I'm a little afraid of driving 8 or 10 hours round trip just to find a lame show; I guess that's the chance you take.

We could put them here

Got a knife I am looking for

Great suggestion Jan! I would be happy to keep an eye out for certain kinds of knives for folks that need another set of eyes out there.  Granted I cant cover it all, but maybe I can help a few people.


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