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I'm going to try and keep this question short and succinct which will may lead to some interesting interpretations.

Which Swiss Army Knife do you think offers the most for the price paid and why?

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Tough question.  Several come immediately to mind, but I'm gonna go basic with the Spartan.  There's not much it won't handle in normal day to day activities, and adding an eyeglass screwdriver to the corkscrew makes it even handier.

I would have to say the Classic since it is probably one that has the lowest cost but has so many useful functions!

I'm with Wayne. The Classic for me.

When I bought the loaded Swiss Champ was before Victorinox installed yellow scales, so I found a lady who installed them for me. She also made me a basket-weave belt sheath which has never had the belt loop strained. I just slip in my left poxket next to the Spyderco Pacific Salt, acquired just a few years ago, that has the great yellow scales. When I'm in the woods, sittling down to some task, I never once got up without noticing the fine yellow handle and keeping the knife. Being a person with only one rusty eye, the little plastic magnifier lets me read the fine print. As you know, in optics-talk a lens allows you to bring the focus to infinity, which is a way of saying I don't need my eyeglasses when using the magnifier.

   The real deal-maker was the tool sticking straight up in the photo — those little pliers are actually of real use. Sometimes they save the day.

I think my choice for the most bang for your Swiss Franc is the Huntsman.  I think it has the most useful package of tools among the Swiss Army Knife collection.  And it has them in a package that isn't too big for pocket carry yet usefully large  enough to get the job done. (I will admit to a certain amount of bias as the Economy Huntsman is the first SAK I ever owned! It was brand spanking new some 25-30 years ago.)

I don't own a Victorinox but I am enjoying this discussion.  I know everyone speaks highly of them.  For a while now I have considered buying one.  I almost bought one at Walmart a while back.  But since I have bought three Case knives in the last couple of weeks and plan to buy another in two weeks, I will hold off buying any Victorinox for now.  That is unless I put in a low bid for one on eBay and win.

I do have several multi tools.  I EDC a Leatherman Micra.  One of my multi tools is a Wenger.  Is Victorinox and Wenger made by the same company?  TVA bought these little Wenger multi tools to give away as PR items.  When I was giving them to other people I figured I might as well give myself one.

Wenger has been owned by Victorinox since 2005.  They are the makers of Genuine Swiss Army Knives.  They Wenger line of knives is being phased completely out at the end of 2013.

Theres a question in there Tobias.  Are they doing away with the tang or just closing the plant to have them made at the same plant with the Vics?

The Wenger Tang Stamp and Cross will be no more.  The idea is not eliminate any confusion on what is considered a legitimate Swiss Army knife and solidify the brand name.  Wenger will be producing watches and other forms of out door gear but there will no longer be any Wenger Knives.

It sounds like the plan is to eliminate any Wenger knife that has a Vic counterpart (Vic Sportsman and Wenger Commander are essentially the Same knife. The Wenger Viking is essentially the same as the Vic Spartan) So these knives will surely go away.  Other knives with cousins in the Vic World will also be gone. (The Forester, the Handyman, Backpacker, Traveller, Journeyman, etc.) 

It'll be a pity when you consider that several Wengers had a nic nail file on their 85 mm frame and the file is scarce on  the 84 mm  Vics and virtually non-existent on the 91 and 93 mm frames.   Plus I've laways liked that lever on the Wenger Scissors.

Alas the 65 mm Esquire will probably also go away.

And any Wenger that remains in the line will be rebranded Victorinox.  As for will they be made in Ibach instead of Delemont?  I don't know.  But as the Victorinox doesn't stamp the city on the blade, I seriously doubt we'll be seeing knives stamped Victorinox Delemont and Victorinox Ibach.

Hi Tobias,

                I read the post about Wegner not making knives anymore . Would you suggest people buying some of these knives before they quit using that tang stamp ?. I use a site sometimes called Swiss Knife Shop. They have a lot of the Wegner knives on there right now, but if they will discontinue this brand , I wonder how long they will still sell them ?. I don't have any Wegner right now, just Victorianox, so I may consider purchasing one or two .

Hi Ricky, I assume the value will go up after the tang stamp ceases but I'm not running out and buying anything Wenger. There are few Wengers I want but I've never been one to buy knives as an investment and like you I'm pretty much a Victorinox collector.


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