The ordeal I have when changing up my carry knife. "Whoa is me" LOL

We all have sob stories about one thing or another, I am not complaining, but this is why it takes so long to pick my HD pocket knife each day.

Brag bag:

I will look and handle everyone before making a decision.

Sometimes I feel dressy to semi dressy. As you see above, I don't normally consider these for work carry.

Above are more casual folders Although sometimes too small or too big.

Above it is the same as before, Casual but...

Out of the bunch above I will carry the Bokers, but I will pull out and handle each one briefly.

I like carrying these, but I ask myself each time "Which one?" That is a 30 minute Answer.

Above is another leaf of knives I can spend a half hour deciding on.

Above are my normal folder carries(except the Spartan), my 710 must be in my truck door pocket but it normally shares a stall with the Impel.

Now that is what I go through every night to pick a tactical folder while laying out my clothes for the next day. That doesn't include the time it takes to pick out a traditional folder, That involves pulling out 2 Knife rolls and the Case notebook, that is a 30 minute ordeal in itself.

Is your selection method difficult? Or are you like me and make it difficult so you can see and handle all of your knives.

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That is a great selection of knives, to choose from. I am starting to think, that I need to bring in more knives into my rotation of EDC knives. I may list them all and decide from the list. Thanks for posting.

When I find a knife I really like, I don't want to change to another! I get in a rut carrying it everyday!

In you case.....just close your eyes, spin around five times, stop, and point your finger. LOL!

I try to keep it simple. Save for a possible rotation of Para 2's, contingent upon a color preference, I carry the same knives everyday. That might account for why I don't have any gray hair on my head?

I'm with Cooper, simplicity breeds productivity. ZT 300 deep pocket front for business - Case toothpick watchpocket for strings and things - Colt 45 at the hip.

I know this posting is tongue-in-cheek. And, I feel for you. LOL  What a nice collection. Interestingly, I carry my Spartan all the time, usually wearing Levi's. I thought when I got it "This thing is too big." But, since I leave the lanyard hanging out of my pocket all the time and don't use the pocket clip, it stands well in my pocket and can pop out quickly enough. The feature that allows the knife to automatically open the blade does work, but it's a little rough on the Levi pocket. Sometimes it will open pulling on the lanyard. I don't mind that though. Thanks for posting for us.

This messes with me so much so that basically I gave up and just carry my Tony Bose Zulu folder. Every now n then I'll pocket a different folder but it is a problem for me. I do not even own that many and it is a problem. A different angle of a sickness we here share,sorry to report

Goodness me, my 10 year is receiving an award today at school!

I must temper my need for a knife in my pocket with CA law about "Weapons" on school grounds. 

Something small and unassuming that will ride in the pocket well without being clipped to the outside. Hmmmm

I am thinking it should be ONE of these two:

Pardue 530-111 or the Al Mar Hawk Mother of Pearl w/scrolled bolsters. I have until 9:30am to figure this out. Oh boy....

what a great selection to choose from, I can understand why it would be hard.

I have decided on the Al Mar. It is smaller and I won't be tempted to clip it to my pocket like the Pardue.

I like the scroll work, looks great

Brad, when I was a boy in school, we all carried a Boy Scout knife or something similar . Boy, times have changed

I also have a hard time deciding what to carry. It seems like Ken always is posting knives in the EDC thread, he must have a system. I do tend to carry the same one for several days before swapping up it seems. I also get stuck on certain knives on certain days, for instance, I like to carry my case mini trapper on Friday's. So  I try not to carry it any other time, and then it is a treat when I get to it on Friday.

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