The Sofa

A three Day weekend coming up. Great and you have been looking up yard/estate sales plus the flea markets. It ought to be a prime time to maybe find that holy Grail knife that’s been on your list for so long.

Friday at last……… lets see, list…...yes. Cash……. Of course. Flea markets or yard sales first?. Yard sales first. After several hours :( Darn it they have been a bit disappointing a few nice things but nothing special. Well on to the Flea Markets.

A lot of new vendors and some old friends. Its gonna be a good day. Well ya made a couple of purchase’s. A couple of decent knives but nothing special. Time to quit for the day. Tomorrow will be better.

Its gotten a bit warm outside and man that AC sure feels good. Time to get the computer fired up and see where your at. But first a nice cold brew will hit the spot. Ok ebay first and check your watch list and as your checking it.

You hear a voice…….. you look like you need a short break……. Ya know that’s not a bad idea but you gotta get done first and in a bit again the voice……… Why don’t ya relax for just a short bit…….. and your thinking that’s a pretty good idea.

Out of the corner of your eye you are eyeballing the Sofa and the voice again…… thats right come on over and sit and relax. While your here set the recliner back just a bit. Ya think to yourself now thats a great idea. So you kick off your shoes and take that light blanket and pull it over you.

Nice and comfy now just relax a bit more says the voice And,and,and and ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz Your back at the flea market and there’s a vendor you hadn’t seen before. So you go over and see what he’s got……. Lots of things and several display cases with some very nice knives.

While your looking…..WAIT! Is that the knife thats on the top of your list……. It can’t be but yes it is. As you try to not look real interested in it and keep looking at other knives. You finally pick it up and casually look it over and ask…….. What are you asking for this one.

The vendor says well thats a bit of a special one and quotes a rather high price. Now for the fun part……… :) haggeling on the price. You finally get the vendor down on the price and as you reach into your pocket for the cash

You hear this voice…….. Honey…… What would you like for supper…. Huh….what..wha….. Honey what would you like for supper and you wake up.

Beware of the SOFA

A short but possibly true tale by WallyG.

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Thank you for sharing this with us!

Anyone else out there have a short story they have written about our hobby?

Fun, entertaining and probably close to a story we have all lived out too many times.  

Great story Wally and well written. I've had some crazy dreams but haven't found the holy grail knife yet. Maybe I need  more rest!!

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