If there are any climbers lurking around the group, I wouldn't mind hearing about some of your favorite crags, routes, boulders, and even gear.
I happen to live in New York, and as dull as that sounds some times, I have the Shawangunks a quick drive for bouldering away from me and a couple hours east I've visited Rumney, NH for some sick sport climbing. I'm always on the lookout for new places to visit so what are your favorite places to climb in your area?

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I have only been on climbing walls really. The Scout Camp that I went to for summer camp when I was in the Boy Scouts has a really nice climbing tower. I have also been to an indoor climbing facility in Dayton, Ohio that was built on the inside of an old church so they were able to have alot of room to construct climbing walls and all kinds of cool stuff.

As for as climbing outdoors, never really done it other than some free climbing stuff up small cliffs that are easy enough to do that don't involve alot of risk or the need for climbing gear. Looks like alot of fun to do though. Any neat pics that you can post?
When I used to live in NorCal,I enjoyed Rock City at Mount Diablo State Park.A lotta places I've gone,I have found myself climbing off the beaten paths I hike or ride just because it looks like fun to see wuts at the top/or below.I am not a pro climber by any means,but I am nimble and agile,and being able to hold myself up with one arm helps.Yosemite is a place I want to go again in life.So is Boulder Creek CA Redwoods area.I must say my Branton Axe or FrankenAxe v.2Proto comes in handy as I use the back spikes like a pick/ice axe.(That saved my butt more than once!)
Got some pics from the gunks back in 2008. I was pretty much just bouldering back then, but man is that place fun. It's like a playground, you can run, scramble, climb and jump all over the place.

Hello all you climbers! Climbing and knives go together well. I have been climbing since I was 20 years old. I began in Toronto Canada and then continued in all over north America and Europe. It is a wonderful sport.

My favorite climbing areas are all in Europe. Arco in Italy, The Tatra mountains in Slovakia, Hollenthal in Austria and the very specific climbing found not far from my home in the Sand stone cliffs of Bohemian Switzerland near the Elbe river... The following pictures are of me climbing granite in Northern Czech Republic and the second picture is of me in Switzerland -The Monch a 4thousand meter peak. I climbed it in March 2006. 2 nights sleeping outside. Its called the Nollen route. this mountain is beside the famous Eiger.

!!! .. Nice pics Jakub .. !!!

Jakub Capek said:

Hello all you climbers!

This was the second mountain we trekked and it is steeper than the picture looks for sure.


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