Over the years, most of you have followed the Trackrock Hammer In write ups. You know how I love to attend these. The guys and gals that make this happen are some of the best in my book.

Imagine how intimidating it is to be a young child that can’t see over the top of an anvil. The bigger kids are making cool little swords (not sharp) and showing them off. With more bigger kids hanging around the man asks if you want to make one. Me??? I dunno. I am not big enough. That tall man goes and gets a couple boxes and says sure you are! 

The big guy gets a double headed nail out and puts it into the fire, gets you a pair of safety glasses and gets a box that gets you where you need to be. He gives you a hammer and picks up the tongs. Next thing you know he puts a hot nail on the anvil and says, hit it right here. This gets repeated about 4 times and then he dipped it in oil, it sure stinks but he wipes it clean and takes it over to the grinder. Wait! That’s the same grinder they use for the big guys knives! Your little nail knife gets polished up and handed back.

That young man knows he got a nail knife out of the deal. What we see and hear is the pride. Pride in the accomplishment, in having created something.

Along with those bringing forges and the family that donates the barn for us,

I admire the parents that become involved.  Encouraging the kids to work with their hands and create something from a recycled material.  They give up 2 weekends a year to travel, wear themselves out and tell me how grateful they are for the experience.

THAT is the reason these guys and gals show up. Some of them still in their teens or just barely out of them, remember when the bladesmith had to go get something for them to stand on. Some of them old enough to need the younger ones to help move those 80lb travel anvils back in the truck after hammering for 2 days. All of them are there for the fellowship, learning experiences and those little smiles.

They keep this event free to attend, even have enough money from the donated raffle knives and Iron in the Hat table to donate funding from each event. The donations run the gamut from children’s’ hospitals to a local family that lost their home to a gas explosion.

So my question from this Hammer In is...can you help get one of these going in your area?

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Sorry the pics are sideways I will try again to fix them tomorrow

Good Evening Jan!

I was getting those preliminary plans in place to make the trek down there to see y'all, and maybe even beg someone to let me swing a hammer ( I cannot be considered to be a kid anymore - even though my wife accuses me of acting like one far too often). 

The blasted gas prices got so high that I ended up not being able to justify over a tank of gas and 10 hours of driving for a weekend excursion.  We missed out and I was wishing all weekend that we could have made it.

Looks like you had a great time!  Hopefully, we will be able to plan to attend the next one.

Fall dates

Sept 23/24...and you come on, I have a little pull with one of the forgers LOL

Fiddleback Forge ROBERT, did a wonderful video!

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