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So recently I came across another set of fashion Classics from another country that I have not seen before. Therefore I thought I would share the photos of all the fashion series I have already seen. I know some have already seen most of these but perhaps you have missed some.

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Great looking knives Wayne.  My favorite in the group, XRay...just too cool
There are some interesting knives there, but I still like the old school Vics best.

That is just flat out cool!  Thanks for sharing!


There are more fashion designs. Most are country specific, designed by people in the countries and usually they are only for sale there. Here are a US/Switzerland design and 2 Japanese designed sets.

Here are a couple of new Fashion Classics I recently acquired.



Pink Camo


While I like the traditional Red, I loves that the little Class SD is made with so many different scales. I know it is donw purely for collectors sake.  I also like that they do offewr a limited number os different scales in other sizes or with little design etches.  It is nice to have the olive Hunter or blue Skipper  in 111mm pattern or the angler with the fish design, etc.    Otherwise, all the knives start looking pretty much the same.

Here is the Classic Fashion set number 4.


May, you're right, they are nice knives, but not for me.  I'm a traditionalist as well.

May Somerset said:

Hi Wayne.. interesting article on these decorative knives.. I think I did see some in a shop and couldn't believe the designing.. just didn't feel right or somehow not as meaningful to me being an old fashioned gal  will stick to the traditional red handled knife..with the SAK Cross and Shield.  Maybe its some kind of allegiance or friendship with these knives..like staying with Guinness, Wooden Boats, Border Collies and Books ( made of paper ). cheers, Anna

Here is the latest Fashion Series number 5.


Great sets!
The former is an Italian limited edition created by "Milan Design Academy", and i own the "x-ray" (link)

The other ones are French limited editions

Fashion series number 6



White River Knives

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