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Anyone familiar with the Walt's flatguard stilettos?  I'm looking for some to add to my collection.

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They are some of the best modern stilettos. I believe Walt has them in stock now, but you'd better hurry-they go fast!


They are legal in many states if you keep the blade length down to 4". I carried one 6" for years while on duty. Used it once. I gave it to my Son.

I just carry a regular folding lockback when I'm on the clock - serrations, glass breaker, etc which are more functional to me than a stiletto.  I like the stilettos for collection - there's just something beautifully sexy about the lines to me!  

Of all stilettos, the flatguard picklocks are my favorite.  Walt just released some swivel bolster models, which are great and I had to get a couple of them, but he hasn't produced a true flatguard in years, unfortunately.  Talking to him, it seems he may not produce them again until they figure out  a tooling issue.  The flatguards must be hard on tooling.


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