We have a great group "EDC Club" and has a lot of good topics, but no place really to post your EDC. And you have to be a member of that club to post on that group. I have been using a couple of posts in that group for my EDC's but does not relate to the topic.

SO - how about an ongoing Discussion with pictures of what you are carrying today?.

What are your favorite EDC's?   What is your EDC lineup?

This will be for all IKC members, not just members of the EDC group.

So Post those Everyday Carrys and show us what you are carrying today.

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That's a fine looking knife Derek.  I'm a big fan of that ACSB. Looks like it's sharp...ought to use it to put a point on that pencil.

This week I've been carrying my new GEC 21 Bull Buster that I received on Saturday and my 77 Northfield Barlow.

Nice knives Cory & like the pocket slip - I'm a big fan and use them a lot rather than having the knife bounce around with all the other "stuff" in my pocket.

Thank you for the kind words.  This is the first and only slip I've used.  It came with the knife as part of the preorder.  I like that it allows me to carry the knife in the same pocket with my keys and not have it get all beat up.  It's also not nearly as much of an inconvenience when pulling out the knife as I thought it would be.

This Case Sowbelly in CV and chestnut bone

That GEC Bull Buster is very cool Cory, and I especially like the tube it came in. Also fond of that Case Sowbelly Frank. I'm intrigued by the frame; the serpentine shape is attractive and it puts an interesting downward angle to the spey blade that feels natural when in the hand. I have an import Sowbelly, so I already like the frame. I suppose I will just HAVE to have a Case version eventually...it's inevitable.

I've been carrying this '96 Buck #312 Mini Trapper daily recently. I really like the California Clip master blade, and I have a small(er) Buck sheath that fits it's 3 1/2" closed length perfectly. I also really like the hollow grind on both blades. Fit & finish is superb on this knife, great half stops, wicked snap. Made while Buck was still in San Diego, I am of the opinion that it surpasses in quality most of what comes out of Idaho nowadays.

On the other hip was a Case XX Russlock Second Cut Crimson Bone w/ ...

Nice knives Frank and Syd!

It's been a while since I posted in this thread, I will endeavour to do better...

Today I carried my ZT0560 that I modified with all blue Ti anodized hardware - 



Been out of commission for a while, which is why I have not been up here on iKC commenting on excellent posts by you guys.  My new EDC is a Garrett Wade Canoe. It will replace the W.R. Case Butterbean permanently as my EDC pocket knife because it is more robust.  I change out the fixed blade I carry every day, but the pocket knives stay the same - until I change my mind.  Also, I looked for a blog on Hardware Store knives, but didn't find it, although I am positive I ran across some folks who posted Hardware Store knives.  Garrett Wade might be a stretch as a "hardware store" knife, but that's why I got it to carry.  No maker marks on it anywhere.  Got some scratches already.  The little blade punched air holes in the Spam can this morning so I could get the Spam out.  No effect on sharpness.  

These Garrett Wade knives ("Garrett Wade" upside down in the pic) are on sale currently.  Here's the link in case some of you want one.  I got 2 so I could use one.  http://www.garrettwade.com/garrett-wade-pocket-knife.html


I knew you were right and there is a discussion on hardware company knives.

hardware and other store knives.

Thanks for the link on those Garrett Wade's.  The are inexpensive but dont look cheap.  Let us know how the user holds up?

Thanks for the link Jan.
Good call. I forgot to mention that the blades have great snap, and fit & finish is very good for an unknown "hardware store" knife, expectedly from China.

Frank R - that is a great looking sowbelly, I like that style.

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