I was wondering if everyone feels like me, that there is a special knife out there that we would really like to add to our collection? I collect by Patterns and Brands and there is quite a few knives I would love to have but there is one special knife that I really want bad for my collection. The knife I'm talking about is the AG. Russell IKC Club Knife. I would love to have it, to try complete my collection.

   Do Ya'll have a special knife that you really want bad for Ya'll collection? Well lets hear about it.

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My goodness, well I have many more I want to collect for sure. One special...hmm well I guess some day would sure like to have a Randall in the collection. Don't currently have one and sure would like to try one out some day.

1982 Remington Bullet knife. This was the first one in the modern versions. I have come across them from time to time, but a mint one is beyond my financial means most of the time.

Wow, Robert. Looks like you're looking for the holy grail of iKC knives. I don't know about the 2 group knives, but the swell center had the biggest run of around 80, I believe, but seems to be the hardest to find. At one time or another I've seen the other club knives offered for sale.
As for me, there's a couple Tony Bose knives that call to me...

I collect by patterns and brands too.  My two main brands are Case and Rough Rider.  My two main patterns are Mini Blackhorns (which of course are Case also) and fish knives.

I was looking for one special knife for my collection but no more.  No I didn't give up on it, I got it!  It is a custom knife made using antler from one of my deer kills. This is it.


So at this point there is no one special knife I that I am looking for to add to my collection.  I am looking to add more of the Once In A Blue Moon and Rifleman series Rough Riders to my collection.

I always want the next knife on the list real bad , as I can't quite stretch to a stockman from Mr Bose I will have to make do with a #49CZ cattle King from Queen, well as soon as I scrape together the funds !

I like to look for any knife that catches my eye, fits nice in hand and pocket, and that I can use on farm and woods.

There are two that I kinda have in mind though for my collection: A Case US Marine Lockback, and a Queen Mountain Man. Both are kinda pricey but maybe.

Hey, Ken I have a Queen Mt. Man in stag. The old ones that came out years ago. It's one of my prize knives.

  JJ. You think that the AG. Russell IKC knife will be that hard to find?

I believe so, Robert.  Its been a year or so since I last saw one surface.  I'll keep my eyes pealed for you...

Robert, do you use that Mountain Man or just look at it?? Bet thats really nice in Stag.

I don't use that Queen in stag. The stag is as pretty as it gets. I do have a Mt. Man Robeson, with jigged bone scales, that I use. It has D2 steel and is a great user. When ever I want to use a large folder, it's my #1 choice. I don't think Queen has made any Mt. Man knives in stag, in a very long time.

  JJ., I saw one here in our club for sale a while back. I guess I should have try to get it but I was over stretched $$$. I would love to have one. I wonder what the price would be on one?

I'm going to get some help and try and post a picture of that vintage stag Queen Mt. Man. I really like the design of a Queen Mt. Man. I almost forgot, I have last years IKC club knife, that's a Mt. Man. That makes me 3 of them. The Robeson, the vintage stag and the IKC club knife.

Robert, you may have posted those other Mt Man's before, but when you get that Stag pic - put them all together for a great pic. I also would like to see that Queen Mt Man again. Don't mean to bother you but you have some nice knives.

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