Time and time again I am asked and answer, what is a Hammer In?  Well, basically it is a different type of knife show.  It is a show where you get to watch knives being made and even make one if you choose to.  For the first timer, to the kids that have been coming for a couple of years, the Trackrock Hammer In is AWESOME!

At this table you can learn a little about scrimshaw and even try it out.

Or maybe your thinking it is time to learn a little about leather and sheaths

The folks coming here and spending time with us and sharing knowledge are everyday folks that have a passion.  Want some tips on grinding?  Andy Roy, owner at Fiddleback Forge knives brings in a grinder just to help out.

The gentleman at the forge behind him is Scott.  He and Johnnie have this same space every six months when we gather here.  I have watched the special projects they put together, sometimes take more than just 1 hammer in.  This is a draw knife they worked on together and gifted to a friend who is going to glam it up a bit with some very old walrus ivory handles.

and last years project turned out dreamy!

AND it is not all about the fixed blades!!

The most fun for me is to watch the next generation get excited and have some fun.  Luca is an old hand now, this is his third visit and his third knife.  He paired up with Donnie early enough in the afternoon that he even had time to learn to do some file work on his knife 

Among the newly initiated is Lucas Morton.  A young man we have know 99% of his life.  He made the drive from Tampa this morning to spend some time on the anvil with Donnie

Some folks that come are local and have just heard about it for so long they thought they would come see what it is all about.  Ms Betty took some convincing that she could handle making a horseshoe knife.  Once she started, the bug had bitten.  A fairly close neighbor to us, I think she and her husband will be at the home forge soon, and they are more than welcome!

 So, what is a hammer in?  A good time for all, a knife show where you build the knife and a wealth of knowledge being shared.  I will get some more epics tomorrow and more of the finished products you can also find at one.

Thanks for coming along with me today!

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Today we saw a few budding knife makers.  Carter is a nice young man and has been a round for a few Hammer Ins'.  With so much to do at Trackrock and being a young teen, we don't always get a glimpse of him at a forge or anvil.  This weekend he took on 2 RR spikes.  Let me tell you, that is a whole lot of hammering.

This is the first time Ms. Lilly brought her own forge, she has been working in Donnies for a couple of years now.  She has gotten so good on her own that I even commissioned a knife from her this weekend.  She had the proto of it there and I just have to have one. 

Watching an iKC member come in  and have some fun is always great also.  It is always good to spend some time with DeWayne, not only was he right in there making his own but last count I believe he worked on at least 10 with the kids.


Sometimes we forget just what it can mean to a child to do something this cool and then you catch a look!  Take a look at this pic and the very young gentleman in the background.  He waits as patiently as he can while looking at his feet and kicking just a little at a concrete floor.

and then the level of concentration as he gets a turn at the anvil

An exceptional place to be, truly exceptional folks to spend time with.  I have more pics and few videos I will add within the next few days but I wanted to share this today

We had an awesome time and am already looking forward to the fall event in September....Btw i think off Carl's forge we made about a dozen nail knives ans about 12 full size knives for the kids.

The joy of a kids smile... :)

What an effective way to involve children & young adults in our hobby during their formative years.

An effective way to engage us all .. for that matter.

However .. I personally attach a greater emphasis on the involvement of the younger generation.


Looks like FUN !!!

Kudos to everyone who gave so freely of their time.


I do dearly love the level of cooperation and skill sharing the adults do with one another during these, like you, those little ones have my heart strings.  Carl makes sure that everyone knows, anyone can have a turn but the kids are always at the head of the line.

We just got in from clean up and my house needs a little TLC also after the weekend.  I will be back in a short while to add some more pics, adventures and videos

Leo, I love that a 14 year old young lady made it AND that she is making me one too :)

Leo Lantz said:

That wrapped leaf knife is just stunning!!

A 9 year old young man that wanted a challenge.  As you can imagine a RR  spike is a lot of metal to move.  Well he was up to it, and did the vast majority of it himself.  Donnie did a little straightening for him at the end but he did the hammering!

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