Is your favorite shield design the:

Acorn, Bomb, Federal, etc?  Is it stamped with a design or a name?

Or do you not like shields? (Weirdos)

My answer to the questions above is "Yes".  I have not committed to narrowing it down to 1 or 2 yet, but I have always been attracted to an Acorn shield on any knife. As I continue to search for these "oldies" I have a tendency to accumulate, other shields are becoming more interesting.

So, If you have a 1 or 2 particular shields that just speak to you in soft whispers of romanticism, let me see them.

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This is a hard one!

I never met a shield I didn't like.  I definitely prefer 'a shield' over 'no shield'.  It's almost a deal breaker.  You have some nice ones here Brad.

Love the propeller shields! Kind of wish they would do more!

I like all shields, but the Remington Acorn shield and the KaBar Dogs Head are my favorites.

Jan - I try to provide Thought provoking discussions. 

Mike, that is an extra picture I took when photographing the Tang stamps of those knives. This discussion was an impulse and I wasn't ready with an array of different shields. 

Steve - I forgot all about the propeller shield, you're right, there are not a lot of them.

Ken - Show 'em if ya got 'em.

Hmmm, good question. I don't think I have a favorite. I like all the different types of shields. Actually I've thought about it before, and I always come to the same conclusion.....I like them all! 

I like this one.

There's one I've never seen.  A beaver shield.  But I agree with Craig.  I like them all.

I like Acorn shields and wish someone would make a squirrel shield. Enough Beavers, Miss Jan, How about one of the most popular small game, out there?


This one ranks up with my top 5!


The Beavertail is a GEC and their beaver tail series.  They have some interesting shields.  From Beavers to Pipe wrenches 

The Keystone shield from Queen also ranks high om the list for me 

Some of them even depend on the knife for me.  I love a cloud shield on a large knife like a toenail.  There was pic put up this week with a Bear and Bull shield that I really likes also.  The dogs head is certainly in my top 5 favorites. Many years ago Donnie and I collected the Case swing guards and were able to get each of the shields available on those.  The Saturn shield is also a good one

This is so hard for me Brad because I love shields, they tell a lot about a manufacture

Rick Zolla said:

I like this one.

Squirrel would make a good shield for a small game knife wouldn't it?

Yes Mam, you can bet your sack full of Pecans on it....lol

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