This is a hard one for me. Since I'm a toenail collector I REALLY like the toenails they are fantastic. I carry a stag 73 pattern single blade, its my daily companion. I really like the looks and the feel of the 25 pattern easy open. Since I started the discussion, My favorite is my daily companion, a Northfield 73 pattern, stag, single blade its rough, tough and gets the job done.

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Quite a knife Paul!

Paul S said:

362209 is a Burnt Stag Sunfish-my first Greater Eastern /Northfield.  Burnt Stag and a lot of it as this knife is a monster size!  Great workmanship!

Beautiful knife

been looking for a 15 boys knife any one got one?

This at the moment. There is a new favorite all the time :)

In all seriousness, the grail favorite would be the #38 Grinling Whittler which I hope to have one day. I have a Orchard Gem which is an amazing useful knife. The 38 pattern is just a great overall package. I guess you can have a favorite, and only dream about it. GEC builds truly amazing quality knives. This 22 is flawless.


I have to give you, GEC does indeed build some amazing knives !

Beautiful knife Tim .

One of my favorites - #15 Scout. This was my first GEC. Have a good week everyone.

The 42 Missouri Trader, hands down -- because of its similarity to the "single blade trapper" pattern that is the Queen Mountain Man.  It's smaller, but only in a way that makes it more pocket-friendly.  Even better, the green Micarta acorn shield -- it was exactly what I was looking for, & it practically fell into my lap when I stumbled onto it on eBay.  Okay, it made my pocket lighter (by removing some cash from it), but it was totally worth it, in a grail-knife sort of way.  It actually did such a good job satisfying that itch, I haven't bought another similar knife since, & that was almost a year ago! 

They (the #42) are indeed a very nice knife and stainless 440 which changes it up a bit for GEC

Derek Wells said:

They (the #42) are indeed a very nice knife and stainless 440 which changes it up a bit for GEC

Very nice knife.

I have been dreaming of this knife for a long time.   If I can score two Franks SFO exotic India bone #23 trappers , I would love to have a main blade removed on one of them .  It would be great for an EDC knife.

Kenneth W. Hill said:


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