What knife related presents did you receive this Christmas?

I received 2 gift cards. One for the Knife Gallery at the Orange Mall and another for Plaza Cutlery at South Coast Plaza. Gonna get something nice from both places.

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Brad, that is a BEAST of a knife. Congrats on that score.

Brad T. said:

Big lightweight knife, don't know it is in your pocket until you try to put your hand in your pocket.

Kudos on the trades Alexander. The K2 is too big to carry imho. But a free knife is always appreciated.

My other friend brought me a Christmas gift, $100 gift card to Plaza Cutlery. Going to spend that this weekend given the chance.

Gotta love a gift card to a knife store !!!

Picked this up from Plaza Cutlery with a gift card from my sales man friend.
Spyderco Dragonfly Tattoo.

I got a Work Sharp Ken Onion knife sharpener.

Sweet little dog tag.

Ah, well, it started out as a pair of jeans but that didn't work out so she bought this Utica Coffin Jack for me. A little late but better late than never.

LOL, better than a pair of jeans?  Yep, something to put in the pocket of the old jeans!!

Because my Birthday is 1/9, I usually get frequent combo presents, this year I got the Sebenza 25, a Craftsman tool chest to store my knives and a couple of Kershaw blades. I also got a Tac Force from my mom, she doesn't know much about knives and got this one because she thought it looked cool. Frankly, if I'd gone by reviews online I'd have thought it was a junk knife but it isn't. The steel isn't great but it's passable, the fit and finish are awesome and the apperance of the knife is great, it's a rainbow (Like the Leek rainbow) and it has a dragon design  on the obverse handle (I'm big into dragons), which is probably why she got it. Overall I have to say it's a darned nice knife with a glass breaker and seatbelt cutter on it, quite handy and sturdier than I would have expected by the reviews. Of course the Sebenza was the big deal. :)

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