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For a while now Cass and I have been really enjoying 100% Costa Rican coffee.

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2 pots a day :)

2 pots a day

I usually drink 100% Colombian, until I tried 100% Costa Rican. But I still love a mug of 100% Colombian!


I'm drinking 100% Colombian right now!

Louisiana"s #1 coffee is "Community Coffee". It has been all my life, don't let people fool you into thinking that another brand is Louisiana's best, just not true. There is alot of other coffee's that come out our state and they are good. I am certainly not saying anything bad about their coffee, I drink it from time to time and find it great.

"Community Coffee"? Is it sold outside of Louisiana or your region?

I have no idea, Craig. Maybe look for it on the computer.

Yes Mam, I gotta have my Community coffee, every A.M.

That's what I should have done! 

I just might give it a try


Robert Burris said:

I have no idea, Craig. Maybe look for it on the computer.

Does you iKC Mug fit under there?


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