Canada, Oregon, Montana, Washington State, California are on fire.  Tx is still under water and Fl, Sc, Nc and Ga are in the way.

Let's make sure we are checking in and letting our fellow members know we are doing ok.

Where are you and are you safe?

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We should be safe here in North Alabama.  Prayers for all those in harm's way.

Jean-François said:

From the bottom of our heart with you. Stay safe, all of you.

All okay here in Central Ohio.  Thanks for your concern.

Ohio doing fine.

In Charleston SC Trouble next week

Ron in Southern California...

Like the man who jumped from the top of a high rise building said as he passed the 31st floor on his way down, "So far so good."

Our most recent Los Angeles County blaze, the La Tuna fire, was declared 90% contained earlier today. But numerous other fires still rage throughout the state. My thoughts and prayers go out to the folks in Texas and Louisiana who were affected by Hurricane Harvey. And in the next few days I'll pray that Irma will not inflict too cruel a punishment upon Florida and the eastern seaboard. Already it would seem as though her wrath has been severe throughout the Caribbean with hurricanes Jose and Katia trailing close behind and following in Irma's wake...    

Appreciate the concern.  We at in Washington State and safe.. Thankfully we are on the West side of the mountains, smoke smog and ash is here, but we are away from the flames.  Not to often that a Washingtonian prays for rain.  Wishing you all the best and praying for everyone.


Smack dab in the center of our country .. U.S.
All fine here.

Heartfelt concern for those that aren't

!!! .. Be safe .. !!!

D ale

Fine in Ballentine, SC.
Hope we can say that Monday, also.

High and dry with no flames to be seen here in Oklahoma. Just very busy writing, serving at life.church and hanging out with my lady.

We are safe but we are tired of breathing smoke and ash.  They say it might rain today!  Here is a picture I took a few days ago when I left to go to work and there was ash covering everything.  This is the crap that I and Manx have been breathing.  We do thank everyone for your prayers!!!

All's fine here in Minneapolis, MN, as it usually is (yeah, we have our winters, but even those haven't been as bad in recent years, and the growing/hardiness zones are creeping higher).

Jan, Richard, Eric, Michael, Steve, Allan, Charles, Frank, Ron, Brian, JJ, Data, & Janet, I hope things go as well as possible for all of you (& everyone else near these danger zones), & that you continue to be safe.

My advice is to bug out if you have to, & expect to have to do so, & prepare for it!

It's the fluid nature of fires & storms to shift direction -- hopefully they stay away from you.  I'm not judging anyone if they make choices they later regret, staying or leaving, or other preparedness mistakes -- a lot can be at stake either way.  Some people will lose their jobs because they chose to leave while the business remained open, others will lose their jobs because the business itself will be destroyed.  These & others can be really tough choices to face.  If you have to make any of these choices, I wish you the best outcome, by skill or by luck!

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