Given economic conditions virtually worldwide, a growing number of  catalogs and internet sites and a seemingly endless number of " private knifemakers"out there, they are available.

No, its not the corner hardware anymore, but it might be a sporting goods store where you live. You might travel to the Smokey Mountains or search out that knife in the Ozark Hills . Maybe its a knife show or browsing the booths of your favorite thrift shop that just feels right for that purchase.

Chioces, choices.....Where do you go to buy that knife you've been wanting?

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I also have a few dealers that are internet based I buy from.  I do however make most of the purchases by calling and talking with my dealer.  Just really like that personal touch.  We have always had good luck with the theory that loyalty to a dealer brings thats dealers loyalty back to you.  If I am looking for a particular knife I call the dealer most likely and let them know what I want.  If they run across one, they call me.  The first part of this year I contacted my GEC dealer and told him I was missing two of the earliest peices in my Beavertail collection.  Sure enough, about a month ago he ran across both peices and picked them up for me. 

So internet, but with a twist 

because i am from europe and by from the US i use the internet shops that provide tracking opstions and insured options, which is  yourcornerstore.com and cutleryshoppe.com, although 50 dollars just for shipping makes the prices of the knives go up quite a bit


It certainly does make the cost go up.  You really have to shop well to overcome that built in expense

Bjorn, that's a shame of the shipping cost. That has to hurt sales. I hope that can get better and everyones sales will go up.

it´s not that bad if you consider the fact that knives are soo expensive in sweden, example: benchmade griptilian i bought for 60 usd from online. its 180 USD in sweden! thats just insane, and then the options for things like colors and modells are so slim. just one or two stores in the country that carries certain modells so that makes them extremely expensive. when it comes to shopping it really sucks living here, but other then that i love it here:-)

although thinking about it what really kills me is import tax and customs, 25% sales taxes and 5% customs tax and then 8 dollars swedish post want for delivering it from customs to my door. so just to make the full example here, 

bought knives for 120 dollars the other day from the us

50 dollars shipping

50 dollars customs and duties and spedition for postage within sweden.

so in the end the order cost me an extra 100 dollars. :-(

Been finding a few good things at Amazon lately!

My last few purchases were:

A.G. Russell (most purchases really)

TSA knives and


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