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As a collector you might notice that many recent knives sold at shows and flea markets do not have original boxes or documents-c of c's, guarantees, etc. There are recent knives such as Canal Streets that have very useful info such as steel, handle types, etc. with the original package. I wonder who throws this stuff out? Really old boxes are priced higher than some new knives.

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How very true, Paul. To reach mint status as I see it, The knife must be in the condition that it came out of the factory, with orig box and  paperwork. Anything else just can't be considered mint. Excellent, very good and it goes down from there. At the shows I set up at, i see that the box isn't important to some of the customers.. Keep that box!!!!!!!!!!

We have removed knives from some of the boxes and have them in some protective sleeves in the safe but there is also an old shell box with some silicon packets and all those boxes :)

For goodness sake do not throw them out 

I keep mine!

i try to keep knives and boxes together,i learned my lesson years ago with shotgun boxs,i would go to a couple shows a year and the gun boxs there cost more than my guns.good message to new collectors

I keep all of my boxes and paperwork. My obsessive compulsive nature, in part, makes me do it, and I'd feel anxious about giving or selling someone a knife without the box and papers. BUT, I do have some knives that I had to have, boxes and paperwork or not. 

I have the giant plastic storage containers for the boxes, and a secretary (Cass my wife LOL!) to file them away. She has a good system that makes it impossible for me to retrieve them on my own. LOL!

I don't throw away anything, unless it becomes a user.

Back in my early days I did, but I learned better.  When I give Aaron a knife now I keep telling him to keep the boxes, but I'm sure he probably doesn't appreciate why just yet.

If the knife was wrapped in tissue paper, I even put it back in the box and keep it.

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