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Every month we name our featured members.  How do you become one?  Posting.  Better yet posting something you will see comments from.  Basically, being active.  At the end of every year we look over the members that have achieved that status over the year and where they are in the featured members line up month by month.

Our featured member of 2015 has been featured every month of that year, usually near or at the top.  He contributes with picture, articles, discussions and by replying to discussions through out the year.  He frequents the nightly chat and has become friends with those joining in.

Congratulations to Jeremy Buchanan.  On the way to your home is a NEW Puma 6540000 SGB Coyote Knife German Blade Micarta Handled knife.

Jeremy has agreed to take this knife on one of his camping trips he shares with us and review it for us.  Thank you Jeremy for all you do through out the year and for being here with us!

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Congrats, Jeremy

Congratulations Jeremy, quite an honor and a beautiful knife to boot.

Thank you all!

Jan - Let me in on the fact, that I had won, just as I was heading out the door, to go camping yesterday. I was very surprised and am very honored to receive the title and the knife. I will certainly take this on at least one camping trip, in the near future. I will also give a review on the knife. I am very excited to be receiving a new knife, from the such a wonderful place and people.

Thank you Jan for all that you do here!

Congratulations Jeremy!  You'da Man!

Nice gift.  Good job Jeremy. 


Congrats Jeremy, Keep up the great contributions.

well done  !!!  ( i like that micarta ! )

Here is a pic of the knife I got. I tried it out today and really like it. It had a great edge on it, right out of the box. I made a couple to feather sticks and cut a few sticks up. I have only found one issue with the quality of the knife. I took a pic of the lanyard hole where there was a lack of quality on the assembly. There is a little bit of debris inside the hole and they didn't clean it up very good. Not a big deal, just a little flaw. I am a big promoter of USA made and good quality knives. Since this one has a German steel blade, I am very pleased with it so far. It was assembled in China, which is where the flaw came from. I know there are some quality knives that come from China (I own a real nice one). But it is evident that there is a lack of pride in craftsmanship on this one. Don't think I am complaining about the knife, because I am not. I really like this knife and am very happy to have it. Thanks!

That looks like a layer of Micarta that unwound on an inside layer when they drilled the lanyard hole, something that wouldn't even show if there was a lanyard in it; in fact I don't know if that even qualifies as a flaw. You could probably work it out with the tip of a small xacto blade if it bothers you. I've seen much worse "flaws" on US-made knives, some of those REALLY expensive US knives, things like that show up more often with imports because they are making so many more knives, boatloads more, (literally), than current US knife production. If you really want an example of consistently poor quality control I'd say Pakistan way before China.
Congratulations, and thanks for posting the photos and review.

Syd - I agree, I have seen worse flaws on USA made knives (unfortunately). The flaw is not just the small piece of Micarta in the hole, but the lack of clean up around the brass bushing going through the hole. I will certainly remove the piece of Micarta and debur the hole. I just wanted to show the only and minor flaw. I still love the knife and that is the only thing I have found wrong with it. 

I have to say I agree, I have seen worse.  I do think that Puma is on to something with providing a good steel blank to China for assembly.  I am not a wiz but I think shipping between the two places must be very reasonable to make this worth it.  It does make me wonder though, do they have their own quality control there or are they confident that little things like this are not the norm?

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