Got Winchesters? Old or new? 

I'm kinda surprised no one talks much about Winchester knives. I remember a time when old Winchesters knives were one of the revered knife brands. 

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A couple of cheap ones is all I have.

I only own a few of the cheap ones myself, but I like em. They are a great price, they sharpen well, and they look good...real good.

Nice Barlow Ken.......and Winchester!

I guess all of the more expensive ones are made by Queen.

I have a couple of good ones but I think they're made by Blue Grass Cutlery not Queen. They may have had alot of different makers at one time or another. The ones I have were made in the 1980's, I think.

Blue Grass Cutlery doesn't contract out to Queen? I thought I read that not too long ago somewhere.

I am not sure, we need to ask Miss Sue. She has the knowledge of such things. She might be willing to give us the right info, on this.

Yes Blue Grass did contact out to Queen for a number of knives but I dont know about these specific ones

From Tobias:

Brand   Winchester Owner/TM   Fabrioque Nationale
Country, Place of Manufacture:  China (PRC) and USA.
Product notes:  Most Winchester knives are out-source to PRC however some higher priced models are out-source to USA makers. You can usually tell by the price. American made Winchester knives approach $100 in MSRP.

I wonder if the fact that some are not US Made factors into your not hearing about them as much

Yeah, could be. I know some people loose interest when the brand is bought out by someone and and they are then made overseas. I know I have a VERY hard time after collecting Schrades to now buy a new Taylor- Schrade (and stainless blades on an Old Timer? Give me a break! LOL!).  I'm ususlly  a "I don't care where it's made" kinda guy, but if I knew Schrades were made today buy Queen, Case, or GEC (I know a  handful WERE made by them), then I'd get some. I'd be interested in Queen made Winchesters.

Thanks Miss Jan, I just dropped Miss Sue a line to see if she could help. I have found that most of the older Winchester knives were made in the USA and most all of the new ones are made in China.

I've always found contract made knives, who made/makes what for who an interesting subject.


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