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 I just joined this Group.  I am a long time collector of military knives and bayonets (since 1960) and over the years I have also picked up a few push button knives. Lately I have been consolidating and editing my collectibles and have sparked a new interest in double bladed push button knives.  In my travels to gun and militaria shows, I have not encountered any serious collectors (or dealers) who are into this small special area of knife collecting. I would like to find a few other folks who buy, sell and trade the doubles.

I have attached photos of a few nice pieces I have picked up over the years.

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Welcome Jim! You've got some beauties there. I've always been very fond of the American doubles and own a great number of them. I couldn't tell you which brand I really favor although I've been enamored with the colorful Prestos as of late and am always looking for more. Being a true collector, I don't really sell that many unless they are duplicates from my collection or I picked up in a lot but may have a few that I'd part with. I can be reached at knfcollector@ hotmail.com



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