An old George Schrade "PRESTO"

5" closed OAL 8.75

Jigged bone, swing gaurd


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Hey Dale. Nice knife! I've always loved those lazy guard Presto's and Flylock's as well the Presto Derby's.
A flea mkt find !!!
I lovethose. I don't have that model, but I have a couple other nice examples.

Sweet knives Ken. Now how about the box those came in.
A box ... I felt lucky just to find this. Box ?.?.? no box.
Do you really have one in the original box ?????
!!! Share pic !!!
This is the first time I've seen a auto hawkbill. Where on earth does one find such treasures? Over last weekend I attended the gun and antique show here in town, Met a collector that had a schrade swinguard. Price was right but I was late. Looked like it came streight from the factory. Oh well. Makes a good fish story. Nice bllades guys. I love these.
Several manufactures made hawkbill switchblades. Presto made them of course, in both black plastic/celluloid and bone. Flylock made them as well.
i have a mint condition hawkbill presto!! i bought it from a guy in las vegas. a rare knife indeed!! wayne s.
That's a beautiful knife Dale, not easy to find in that condition, congrats!
And Ken, never saw that hawkbill model before ver nice and great pics.
I'm not sure the box is original to the hawkbill, but it came with it. I'll have to find it and see what the model number is.
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