I won this knife in a recent IKC contest. I thought I would do a knife review on it for everyone. I just received it today, so it will take me a little while to do the review. I'll keep ya'll posted on it's ups and downs.

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You just made my day.  Knowing that you like this knife but it is not a traditional pattern for you, I just told Hog I almost wish Paul would get the knife!  I am willing to bet this will be the beginning of a nice collection for him and a knife he will sherish forever!

You bet, I was offered a trade from one and money from another after the Review. I chose instead to give it to this nice young man. He is always helping me so I think it went to the right person. You can't separate him from the knife, he really loves it. He had no idea, either that I planned to give him the knife after the review. You should have seen his face when I gave it to him.

The griptillian is THE benchmade knife that always gets suggested by fans as the "cheap but good" option. I suspect it is rather a good knife.

I'm not much of a fan of tanto points. I have to say every now and then benchmade pops up on my radar with a design. Only to quickly fall off it again because they won't drill lefthand tip up holes on that particular model.

Then I found out that they'd started enforcing their prices to dealers making a lot of knives in their range up to 40% more expensive and they fell off pretty much completely. The only reason I'd buy a benchmade is if I'd really want to own an Axis lock knife which everyone seems to rave about.

But next year is the last year of the patent on that particular lock type. So I suspect it'll become a LOT more available.

Great knife review Robert!  I enjoyed it greatly.  I love Benchmade knives, but I do not have this one.  It was good to read about it from your perspective.  Thanks.

I must say Benchmade did a wonderful job on this blade. It is precision ground and tempered. The edge really takes a super edge. I didn't think stainless steel got this sharp. The Tanto blade shape is done in a mild manner approach and does not take on the chisel look that some knives do. 

Robert excellent review. Paul's testimony was outstanding as well.

I have been a Benchmade owner 15 times over, I do not own all 15 knives anymore, but I kept 9, my favorites. They make an outstanding product.

Well I am a year late to the day on my comments about this review, but I've only just joined a little while ago!

Great review in that you give great spec details, and Paul does a great job of explaining the specific "chores" or tasks the knife performed. 

Good job. Now, for a really good review on the knife...how about sharing with us how it has performed for you over the past year? Have any of the original comments changed after a year of use / abuse? Let's hear the continuing sga of your Benchmade! 



After a lengthy time of not buying any new knives, I received a giftcard for my birthday this last weekend. After buying a Leatherman Wave multitool, there was about $100 left so I picked up a Spearpoint Griptillian. Aside from my feeling that the handle feels "cheap", It is an exceptional value knife. Great steel, Great lock. But, I don't think it will bump my Para2 out of my pocket.


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