Ever cut yourself playing with your knife - while it is still in your pocket?

I don't know about you but lately I have found myself playing with my knife- while it's still in my pocket. I'll be talking to someone and find myself opening and closing the blade..I like the snapping of it closing. A couple of times I almost snapped it down the area between my index finger and my thumb. So far I"m escaped any blood letting though.

What about you? Ever cut yourself with your knife that's still in your pocket?

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I've cut myself with the knife out of my pocket though. Not in the typical sense though.
never while it is in my pocket (because i cant carry one in my pocket ) but i am constantly flicking my CRKT m-16 while at my desk. Keeps me occupied. Cut myself at least once a fortnight.
Yep I have but i didn't mention it because it wasn't bleeding to bad.
To be honest I do the very same thing with my folder. It's pretty safe with my knife because when the retention lets off most of the blade is still covered by frame.
The only time I ended up cutting myself with my knife was while folding it. I didn't manage to take my thumb out of the way in time. It wasn't a big cut tho.
I have cut myself with my Benchmade 557 while it was in my pocket. I was installing a garage door opener and had to open bags of parts. I stuck my thumb in my pocket to draw it out and (cringe!) it must have come open during my activity. You know that feeling when you feel a razor-sharp tanto point stick into the meat of your thumb and hit the bone? Yeah, it was one of those. It was a wonderfully clean cut...it dripped a lot and did not really hurt. I patched it up a little later and it throbbed all day. It's the throbbing that is the true annoyance.
Ouch...good thing you didn't need stitches. I quit doing my little habit, btw.
Yeah, that's probably good to quit that habit. On the other hand, I never really feel that a knife is mine until it draws a little blood. ;)
Cut myself w/ a knife ... while it's still in my pocket ... C'mon ?!?

Yeah, I'm guilty. That impatient ... open a bit, close ... open a bit, close

I quit that little habit too !!!
I still have to resist it every time! :)
Luckily, I haven't had that happen yet, but judging from my track record, it's bound to happen sooner or later... I would advise everyone to buy stock in band aids and neosporin with the rate that I go through them!


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