When we're first getting started into buying knives, whether to use or collect, it can be a trial and error kind of thing. Let's help each other out here and save us all some heart-ache and $$ by sharing the best places to buy knives.

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if been look at http://www.gpknives.com/ they got a good selection, great site... but havent bought any thing from them yet...
hard job for my since i live in japan.
i buy in the interweb with a japanese importers, but sincerely i dont know how much im being robbed! : )
just kiding.
i try to make the best buy i can but its not an ease job.
since i dont know if buying directly in the usa would cause any kind of problems with the law here,im preety much go with what i can find here and try to pay the best i can.
i would love if i could get the variety of options you have in USA.
Thrift shops
Antique stores
Estate sales
Flea markets
Knife forums

Lat time I bought from an online "store" was http://www.buckknives.com/

If I decide what model knife I want
I look on EBAY
There is usually someone tehre selling the knife I want
And I can see the SHIPPING charges UP FRONT
I hate having to register or go through 3 pages of checkout to see the shipping
I live in australia so i get most of my knives from anywhere i can find already in Aus to avoid customs (slim pickings im afraid). But if i ever take the risk of importing E-bay is good if you dont mind paying $45 postage and waiting 2 months :(
Until recently The Knife Shop, then I put two and two together and that equals THE INTERNET! I now get my knives all over and like to buy from users on forums such as this as they can already inform you of that knives pros and cons. Then again I've been making my own, still need the internet for supplies.
I buy most of my knives online. The hard part is finding someone who really has the knife in stock it seems many small websites drop-ship(bad idea) that means they are selling knives they don't have in stock. I like http://www.ebay.com when im looking for a knife that is no longer in production for any other knives i like http://www.bladeops.com they have a good selection and killer prices. I did find a coupon code for there site good till the end of the month its for 6% off the code is RMN1. Good Luck
Im from england, so there are some certain knives that i cant have such as auto knives gravit knives, bailsong etc. I find for england, a good site for knives is www.bladesandbows.co.uk, they have very cheap knives, including fixed blade, folding, swords, throwing knive etc. While cheap they are good quality. I also get knives from military surplus or military/tactical shops/. I also get them from military fairs, such as military odessy in england.
What about knives made in Japan??? Great steel, knife -makers, tantos, etc...
I like the internet for selection reasons but nothing beats holding a knife in your hand before the purchase! (knife shop/sporting goods store)
Knifeworks.com Great prices, ships quick, And Yourcornerstore.com excellent prices, real time stock. Real person
My two main sources are

1) Ebay
2) My local shop (S & R knives in Toronto). They have a bit of a markup, but depending on the amount I'll fork over the cash. I've had my mind changed on knives after I got to handle them

I browse knives on
1) Forums
2) Knivesshipfree.com
3) Obviously S & R since I can hold a bunch.


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