Everyone has a favorite knife from Benchmade but who designed it? Benchmade's designers are Nakamura, Pardue, McHenry & Williams, Osborne, Snody, Lum, Fecas, Eisen, Lerch, and Steigerwalt. Tell us who your favorite designer is and what knife they designed that you just love. What draws you to the designs and what makes them unique.

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I really like Mel Pardue's designs for Benchmade. Everyone knows the Griptilian and I don't think it is a far stretch to say that it is the most well know knife that Benchmade produces. I really like the simplicity of the blade shape and the handle. It is an all around great knife and my hat goes off to Mr. Pardue for his work.
I have to say Pardue as well, but only because I only have one benchmade knife!

I WANT MOOOORE! But I can't seem to save enough money for another one!

Benchmade knives are so beautiful and feel so well made as well...I just love them.
when i think hard pardue is great but ill take osbornes side sorry
Im gonna say Pardue as well.

I have 3 Griptilians, but dont have any desire to get any other designs because they dont really appeal to me.

Was thinking about getting a BM Fixed-Blade, but I wouldnt carry it unless I was hunting, and I cant justify the money spent.

What draws me to the Griptilian is the simplicity in its design (which also later may transfer to the cost). I like it because its just the simple knife that I can use and beat and its going to keep asking for more abuse.

Two of the ones that I have are the OD Green Cabelas D2 knives like cutlerylover had. I am drawn to the more hard to find versions like the D2 Grip. It took me about 2 days to find the knife when I saw his videos.

Pictures to come if they are needed-let me know.
Very cool. I wouldnt mind getting a D2 Grip!

Love my osborne 942, snody's designs are interesting
I agree, I am starting to like Osborne's designs more and more.
the both of them are worth every penny
Mel Pardue...and we segue into another discussion.
as i see i like McHenry/williams more than osborne or pardue the 710 is a perfict tactical knife

McHenry & Williams are my favorite now...designer of both the Benchmade 710 and axis lock...YATA!!!
The 710 is definitely one of my favorite Benchmade designs! Perfectly balanced folder! Fun vid JT!


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