As some of you may have noticed, I recently celebrated another year on the green side of the grass. On that morning, I checked my email for any results from Ebay knife searches. One of those searches had borne fruit. A Great Eastern #65 Ben Hogan....in a Buy Now listing. Unfortunately it was priced a little higher than what I could afford. But heck, it was my birthday so why not appeal to the sellers good nature. I sent him an Email explaining that it was a special day for me and that I had just started a *BLUE* Group on iKC. I went on to tell him that if he accepted my offer that I would post pictures of the knife and tell everyone what a marvelous fellow he was.  He replied that his birthday was only 3 days away and he would be happy to accept my offer. It was a good thing we were communicating by Email as I was rendered speechless by this stroke of fortune at having met such a caring, generous, and sympathetic knife collector. The happiness that I felt in that moment, is second only to the joy I felt when I received the knife. I would like to extend a heartfelt, though late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to gregge35 and thank him for reaffirming my belief that knife collectors are among the best people on earth.

GEC #65 Ben Hogan in Blue Abalone Looking Glass

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!!! .. Oh my .. now that's pretty .. !!!


Simply .. amazing.


I've always had a soft spot for the look & feel of the "copperhead" design.


The Blue Abalone is striking.


I'm repeating myself.


!!! .. SWEET .. !!!

The seller did a nice job on this...clean blades and bolsters.  The knife is large enough to appreciate the Abalone.  Blue Beauty.

A very nice birthday present Doug!

A Beauty!  Reaching out to other knife collectors when your buying or selling can be very rewarding.  Your right, they are some of the best folks in the world


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