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I had been hearing about the Buck 110 automatic since last year . The local dealer , a former employee of Buck said the paperwork to get them was a bit tricky , but this year he had at least 10 of them . I like it very much so far , it is made at the factory and not a conversion , so has the lifetime warranty . 

I am a collector , but getting older and decided to use my knives , rather than just enjoy looking at them , so I ordered a custom pancake sheath , to make wearing it a little more comfortable and they are so darn beautiful I couldn't resist . The 110 is a bit heavy but still a very robust knife and with the auto feature , very old school cool .

Mike West in Arizona

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I need to get one of those.  I have several 110's including an auto conversion but should get a factory version.  The SC Arms Collectors gun & knife show is in town this weekend, I might try to pick one up there.  They are too big to carry in a pocket.  I used to try back in high school and ended up with holes in my jeans pockets.  Lost at least one that way.

Well, that worked out well.  Got a 110 auto at the show today.  One of the easiest releasing autos I have.  Very solid lockup as well.  Gave the brass a good polish and gave everything a nice coat of Renaissance wax.  Came across a S&M Express with wharncliffe blade that I couldn't resist so I came home with a new auto in each pocket!


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