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"Like its big brothers, the 33 Small Stockman also packs 3 blades in a convenient but very practical pocketknife. The 33 Small Stockman measures 2 5/8" closed and includes clip, sheepfoot, and pen blades. The Pen Knife version includes a clip and pen blade"

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My only thought.  There is less blade rub with peanuts.  Nut I also like the small stockman as well as good pen knife and the 33s are really nice.

Yeah, in general Jack Knives aren't going to have blade rub like Stockmans and Pen Knives. Even my "expensive" Pen knives have scratches from blade rub!! I always liked my 33 Pen that I had. Once again, I wish I kept it. I'm sure I'll get some 33s and 27s.

The small stockman always reminded me of my dad's "church" Knife.
I'm with you, they seem to be calling.

A "Sunday go to meeting" knife? When we moved from Maryland to North Carolina, guys down here told me that they carried a pearl handled knife as a "Church" or "Sunday go to meeting" knife.

Look at this one.......

Always have carried a pocket Knife with me to church. Me and all the other men. Funny thing, they were always smaller then usual knives, and more times then not, they were always clean. Lol

I guess a small clean knife is more respectful? LOL! 

Your guess is as good as mine. Lol.
Never understood it myself.

ONE reason I like a smaller knife is, I do a good bit of "manicuring work" with it. Little calluses at the corner of my nails and.......well you get the idea. I might be getting into the tmi realm. LOL! But it seems that 95% of the time I use my EDC for jobs that a smaller knife can handle. And I just like the small knife "knife art". Manufacturers have said the it takes more workmanship to make a small knife because.....it's small, and that's why many times small knives cost as much as larger knives. 

My head is spinning. Peanut - small stockman - Tiny Trapper! LOL! 

Ordered my first 33 in 28 years. We'll see if it get's into a knife fight with my Peanut.

I used to carry a two blade pen knife 33 MANY years ago. This new 6333 Stockman reminds me just how much I like the 33! 

First rate quality. Excellent walk and talk. Excellent stay and play. Super posish. smoooth corners. Great little knife!

SparXX Gray Delrin

More 33s! I love these things! 

The Yeller one is a Shepherd Hills Cutlery exclusive. And I'm crazy over the Saw Cut Antique Bone!


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