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Do you have any Case Canoes Baby Butterbeans or Gunboats? Show them off!

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Hello beautiful..........

Did it answer you, Craig?

Yeah, it said "Come home with me"!

I love Case knives and the Canoe is by far my favorite pattern.  This is the knife that started my collection, a 1940-64 handed down from my grandfather. He died in 1976.  It was sealed in a small hard plastic pouch with some oil when my dad gave it to me as a teenager.  I had heard stories about my grandfather, that he was known at the factory where he worked back in the 40's and 50's to be the best around at sharpening knives.  My dad used to tell me that when he finished sharpening a knife he would make small light circles on the edge of the blade so that when you held it out to the light the blade would sparkle.  I took the knife out of the hard plastic for the first time back in the early 90's.  Sure enough, when I opened the blade, there was the sparkle.  This knife will never leave me and that blade will never be touched.  I should have tried to get a photo of the blade when I had it out for this picture.  I was also given my grandfather's old whetstone in a nice old wooden case. 

That's a nice one Rick.....made even nicer since it came from your grandfather!

Okay Brad, I know, I know. I'll tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone else...............I've never owned a Case Canoe. There, I said it. 

I remember looking at one beautiful Case Canoe back about 1978. It was in a BIG wood Case floor standing knife display. One of the old timey ones. I thought I just had to get one to carry. BUT, it had carbon steel blades, and I only carried stainless blades. What a dummy I was! Now I like carbon steel! LOL!  

I "need" one. And I WILL get one (or two, or...) by Spring!

Anyone have a favorite Case Canoe?

These are two of my favorites! Nugrind blade don't know what color the bone is didn't come with a box and an old Red Bone

Nice ones!

Nice one there James!


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