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Okay, the only Case pattern I had become infatuated with was the seahorse ... until, however, I bought my daughter (who is a pharmacy tech at a hospital in Akron) this doctor's knife.  Thought she would love the color and, being one of the oldest patterns still made, it had a great history.  Besides, for a pharmacy tech ... you gotta love the pill counter spatula blade!  This is where it all started.  Now I am searching daily for variations that I like!  Hers has the red pearl Kirinite covers.

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2018 Black dyed curly maple.

2018 peach seed jigged amber bone with customized bolsters.

2018 bone stag.

2018 smooth chestnut bone.

2018 amber jigged bone.

2018 Crandall jigged olive green bone.

2007 "baby" doctors knife with stag covers and Texas shield

2005 "baby" doctor's knife with jigged antique bone covers.

!!! .. SWEET .. !!!

2018 natural curly oak ... that I picked up so cheaply I felt like I was stealing it!

Here is a 2018 with customized bolsters and hand fired, deep canyon jigged amber bone covers.

2006 customized baby doc with peacock appaloosa bone covers.


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