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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Neat Craig.  Orange is just the color for Halloween next month!!! 

Thanks Dennis! I have a thing for orange. The G-10's are supposed to be fairly rare, especially the 75 Stockman.

Here's the other Seahorse I just got in............

Red Bone Christmas - 2014

Yup ... would say that you are definitely all set for the holiday seasons ... Halloween through Christmas!

New Pony...........

Sawcut Chestnut - 2016

That's a "WOW!!"

Craig Henry said:

New Pony...........

Sawcut Chestnut - 2016

Thanks Syd!

You're welcome and I must admit to being a little jealous, (in a nice way). The Damascus just pops on that knife, very worthy of a "WOW".

Craig Henry said:

Thanks Syd!

Outstanding Craig! 

Thanks again Syd!

Thanks Dennis! And I know you can be demanding about handles matching, as I can be too, and the back side matches the front as close as you can get! 

My newest pony ... just arrived today.  A 2004 with dark red peachseed jigged bone covers. 

Very nice Dennis!


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