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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Nice addition Dennis! Looks just fine to me. I'll take it! LOL! Mine should be here soon.....along with my Alligator Skin.

Nice try Craig!  I didn't say I didn't like it ... just, in a roundabout way, said that the actual color of mine was something I didn't expect!   Can't wait to see pics of yours.  This is one where I am curious about the different shades of turquoise in the curly maple.  Also, let us know how you like the feel of the alligator skin pattern in your hand.  Really like how the lizard skin feels.

Just in............

Olive Green Alligator Skin

S W E E T!  The reptiles are certainly lookin' good Craig.

I have a new one sitting in front of me that I haven't gotten around to photographing yet. Have been looking for one since you posted yours in 2017.  Waiting paid off.  One of my favorites.  I wonder if you can guess which!  Should have some time today or tomorrow to break out the camera.

Gater skin, just in time for Swamp People. 

Here's another that Craig inspired me to hunt for.  And ... a difficult hunt it was!  Truth be told, this one ranks pretty close to the top in terms of my favorites ... because I do so like wood!!!  2009 Teak.

The addiction continues.  I've got my eye on one more that Craig has tempted me with!!!!

That has beautiful covers. Love the shield also.

Nice Dennis! Yeah, those Teak Woods can be hard to find. When I found mine a couple of years ago I jumped right on it. My Teak Wood is one of my favorites too. The first one I ever saw was when a friend on the Case Forum posted his. I knew right then I had to have one!

Thanks Dennis!

Two new ones arrived yesterday.  The stable is getting pretty full!! 

2002 Bermuda Green

2019 Antique Bone

Very nice newbies Dennis! The Bermuda greens always look classy! 

Like 'em all but the Bermuda Green is my favorite, (today).

Thanks Craig and Syd.  There's just something about the color of the Bermuda green that just does it for me!


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