Are there any other Tony Bose fans out there?

Picked up a new in box Arkansas Hunter today at Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. There were 2 displayed at $339.00 each. Eva, the Case expert at Lehman's gave me a 30% discount bringing the price down to $237.30 + tax; I snatched up the Chestnut Bone immediately. Eva is holding the Ebony version until I save up the cash (I limit my Case knife addiction). I will definitely return for the Ebony variant next month.

I have a fondness for Tony Bose knives, good deals, and Eva.

I was actually looking for the new BackPocket Silver Script Goldenrod Bone (10131) to continue my collecting the BackPocket/Lanyard TBs.

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The Arkansas hunter is a great knife pattern. The Case knife is also a hell of a lot cheaper than a real Bose knife. Congrats on a great deal.

Definately a Tony Bose fan here.  Wish I could afford one of his knives.  I've had a couple of Case/Bose Norfolks (still have one) and they are very nice.

You got a very fair price on that Arkansas Hunter!  Good score!

Excellent deal James.  Nice knives

I am still excited about the acquisitions. At appx. $500 with tax, the 2 Arkansas Hunters are a real bargain! I continue searching for Bose/Case jewels. I did pick up the Silver Script Goldenrod Backpocket at Fin Feather Fur Outfitters in Middleburg Heights, Ohio last Wednesday ( $89.95 + tax). I now have seven TB back pockets, all fitted with a case lanyard. Pictures coming soon.


Jim Lucier

Nice selection there Jim

I like those Arkansas Hunter knives with the unique bolsters. I'm not a Case collector but love this Norfolk Whittler pattern.


Anyone coming to the Blade show to see Tony?  If your there iKC is having a meet and greet at 4pm on Friday.  Look for the GEC Booth, we will be right there beside them in the food court area.  Have some gifts froma generous dealer so stop on by!!!

Looks like the nest Tony Bose/Case event is Sept 15 in WV.  Is anyone attending?

Lanny's Clip! Those are beautiful!

very nice looking knives

I have a back pocket that I love. Hate the scales though (dark molasses jigged bone). I'm thinking about sending it to the muskrat man to have stag scales put on it.


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